All Is Well, Not!



They act as if my people’s wounds were only scratches. “All is well,’ they say, when all is not well.

~Jeremiah 6:14, GNT


Honesty is the first step toward recovery.



bro-jack-at-christmasHow many times has someone ask you, “How are you doing?” And you said “just fine,” when in truth you were not fine at all. Most people really don’t want us to be honest about our condition so we say “fine,” so we can move along in the conversation because we know they don’t really want to know about our problems. So, there is a certain nobility is saying your fine when your not. However, it is essential that you be honest with yourself. The first step toward progress is to be honest.

The Israelites pretended to be fine in a moral sense but they were not fine. They had lost their fear of God. They said, “We can do as we please, God is not going to do anything.” They were taking advantage of orphans and widows, their courts were corrupt and they oppressed the poor. God called Jerusalem the city of “Oppression.”[Jeremiah 6:6] When Jeremiah preached, the people laughed and scoffed. The people had no shame, no moral outrage. Jeremiah said, “They don’t even know how to blush.” Sin did not embarrass them and yet if you had asked them, “How are you doing spiritually? How is your relationship with God?” They would have said “fine, all is well.”

No one is “fine” or right with God who does not take sin seriously. You may be a good neighbor, you may even attend church and you may do good things for others but if your sin does not bother, embarrass and trouble you, you are not fine.



  • Joyce Moore remarkably better! PTL!
  • Hope doing well. We are beginning to work on a plan which will bring her home. Continue to pray for us. We do need wisdom. God is good and Hope has made unbelievable progress. We are planning to bring her home August 4th. She wants to be here for the BLOCK PARTY.
  • Youth going to 6 Flags today: rejoicing that I am not a youth.
  • Speaking of BLOCK PARTY, we have only 4 offering before the party. We must trust God to provide. I believe, where He guides, He provides.

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