Blessed Are The Hungry


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.”

~Matthew 5:6, NASB


There is no human appetite more glorious to God than to hunger for righteousness.

~Calvin Miller

I did not get a good report on my latest blood work and the doctor recommends diet and exercise. I enjoy work but I hate exercise. June mentioned us going to the gym and I told her to watch her mouth, don’t use that word around me. So she put me on a diet. Its better than going to a gym. I guess I have been on it about a week and I don’t know if it is working or not, all I know is I stay hungry. I would like a big bowl of ice cream right now. I can eat dessert for breakfast. There is a more noble hunger than for food, and that is a hunger for righteousness. I do hunger for righteous and the longer I live, the greater my hunger. Calvin Miller says our hunger is a craving for wholeness. I do long to be complete. I desperately want to be like Jesus. I don’t want to be HIM, just be like Him.

I see people hungering for other things. For some the hunger is material. They are always shopping for new things. Some are starving for recognition and attention. Some are hungry for the sensual things; they move from one relationship to another but are never satisfied. Someone told me last week about a woman who left her husband and family for another man. The relationship lasted three years before he left her for yet another woman. Hunger creates a craving, a deep yearning to satisfy our appetite, and that in itself can make us very selfish.

The highest hunger is spiritual; it is a hunger for Jesus Himself. It is possible to get too many sweets, no many carbs, but it is not possible to get too much Jesus. Those who hunger for Jesus will be satisfied.


Yesterday I was on the tractor cleaning up at Joe David’s and Lori’s. I got plenty of exercise. A special thanks to Willard who got my chain saw running like new. The man knows chain saws. Just glad that project is finished. Rocky Ford Road, right across from the house had a total of 6 trees fall over the road and power lines. I have not seen a try yet that fell away from the road or power lines. Amazing! Can’t complain about the weather; not the temperature. I have never seen anything like it.

About 6-8 of us are going to Montgomery Thursday for the Legislative Prayer Rally to be held at 11:30. We have room for a couple more if you want to go. Just call me or Joe David.

Yesterday was Mrs. Edith Bennich 87th birthday. She is doing well. She loves the food there at the Cottages. Just kidding, don’t mention the food if you go see her. Tonight is our last Wednesday night before the time change. Next week, LORD willing, we will drive over in the light, and if I don’t get wound up, we will start back in the light.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.


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