Disobedient And Defiant


All day long I have stretched out my hands to a disobedient and defiant people.

~Romans 10:21, REB


Perhaps the greatest mistake a human can make is to substitute their own will for God’s.


The verse above is in reference to the Israelites. The LORD saved them from slavery, from Pharaoh’s tyranny and Egyptian paganism. He attempted to lead them to a land of their own where they could worship Him without interference or harassment. Just one problem: the Israelites did not want His leadership; they proved to be a rebellious and defiant people and they refused to repent. The LORD gave them opportunity after opportunity but His word fell on deaf ears. In the Revelation chapter nine, when God sends the plagues as a form of judgment, the people refuse to repent. Then in chapter 16 when God sends the searing heat that literally burns through the skin and causes sores, the people of earth curse God and refuse to repent.

What is it about man that causes him to be so stubborn when it comes to submitting to God’s rule? Through the prophets, God warned Israel of what would happen if they did not obey but they disobeyed anyway. In other words, they knew the consequences of their disobedience but refused to change. We are in a drug epidemic and there are countless rehab facilities and “Scared Straight” programs but you can’t scare an addict into going straight. You can sit them down, tell them the ugly truth. You can try to frighten them with statistics or tell them they are headed for jail, prison or worse and its like water off of a ducks back. Studies are now showing what counselors tried to tell me five or six years ago: people who go through drug rehab programs are more likely to do the very thing you are telling them not to do. Forbidding any behavior arouses in people a strong desire to do the very thing that is forbidden while they come up with an endless list of self-justifying reasons why they are an exception to the rule.

If you can’t live without drugs, you are an addict. If you have to have a beer for breakfast, you are an alcoholic and the sooner you admit it, the sooner you will recover. If you never admit it, you will never recover. The first rule to solving any problem is to realize you have a problem and that you need help. I have issues and I admit it and my need of help. Yesterday a friend helped me. He knew I was frustrated and apt to say something I would regret so he defused the situation with his presence and demeanor. With his help, I made it. I wouldn’t give myself an A+ or even a B but he kept me from failing and I appreciate it. We all have problems and we all need help. No man is an island: we were created to need each other.

The weather folks have missed it so many times lately that I am afraid to celebrate but hopefully the extreme heat is gone for 2019. Spoke too soon, they are giving 94 for Saturday but now they are saying rain and 69 degrees for Monday. I’m not holding my breath. They change the forecast every few hours and it just keeps being hot.

Washington made a mistake starting Kendricks at first: they did it for his bat but the Dodger found him: he had at least three errors; the last one went between his legs. The winner of the Tampa Bay/Houston series will win it all. The Yankees will beat Minnesota but they can’t beat Houston or Tampa Bay.

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