Hope Is Precious


“My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle, and they come to an end without hope.”

~Job 7:6, NIV


At my darkest hour, Jesus is my light; at my weakest moment, Jesus is my strength and at my lowest ebb, Jesus is my hope.


I am not the only person who has felt the oppression of the extreme heat and it was not just senior adults that were bothered by the high tempts: I talked to some young people who were praying for some cooler weather. I made it through yesterday but all day long I was thinking about the prospects of cooler weather and the possibility that it could arrive by this weekend. I don’t know about you but that excites me. We all need hope, we need something to look forward to: if you crush a person’s hope, your take their life. Seriously, it is a form of homicide. Viktor Frankl was an Austrian Jew and a neurologist. He was also a survivor of the holocaust and Auschwitz. Viktor survived while many others did not because he refused to allow the Nazis to crush his hope. Frankl noticed that the inmates who lost hope didn’t last long. He saw prisoners beaten with rifle butts but they refused to get up.

Harold Morris, who’s claim to fame came by way of James Dobson and his radio broadcast, was an all state athlete in Georgia and headed for college via a athletic scholarship until he got mixed up with the wrong gang. They talked him in to being the driver for a hold up. He was the new kid on the block and what they didn’t tell him was that he would be the fall guy if anything went wrong. Something went wrong and store clerk was shot and killed. Every member of the gang testified that it was Harold even though Harold never got out of the car. Harold spent the next 20 years in prison and then the next ten or so on probation working at a Georgia orphanage. Harold was the coach for all male sports. He had one kid who was exceptional. This kid could fly and his name was Mike. Harold knew that he would place if not win in the state track meet. So he propositioned Mike. There was a problem, the track meet was on Thursday. Mike told Harold, “I can’t go coach, Thursday is visitation day and my mother may come to see me.” Frustrated and annoyed by a mother whom Harold had never seen he said to Mike, “Son your mother is not coming this Thursday or any Thursday and you know it.Although Harold did not intend to do it, he crushed Mike’s greatest hope. It was the last conversation the two had: Mike never spoke to Harold again. Be careful folks, don’t be guilty of crushing another persons hope. No one will survive for any length of time without hope.

GOLDEN GIRLS this morning. They are giving 95 for today. They change their forecast daily so I’m just going to wait and see about Sunday and Monday. I’ve been told that Danville beat Priceville. June and I went to the Fiddler’s Convention so I’m going by hear say: if that is true, Danville is very much in the hunt with only one lost.

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