Dog Eat Dog


“Let everyone be on guard against his neighbor, and do not trust any brother; Because every brother deals craftily, and every neighbor goes about as a slanderer.”

~Jeremiah 9:4, NASB


Be careful who you trust: the devil was once an angel.

~Source Unknown

Let me give you a paraphrase of the verse above, “Let everyone be on guard against the corporate world; do not trust them; Because every big business deals craftily. They do whatever it takes to turn a profit at your expense.” I am an advocate for small business. I have many friends who are managing a small business: they work hard and they pay more than their share of taxes. Since they do not make enough to buy off the politicians, they get very little legislation in their favor. These small businessmen and women are human. The ones I know help other people. I cannot say the same about BIG BUSINESS, the Corporate World. They are not human, they are much more like a dog or wolf. They don’t care about people; all they care about is profit.

Our cell phone contract ran out a few days ago and suddenly both June and myself started having phone trouble. When I tried to solve the problem with an upgrade, my phone went bonkers. Coincidence, I do not believe it. Call me a conspiratorialist, call me anything you like but I don’t trust giant corps any further than I can throw an elephant. Why would a cell phone suddenly go haywire? I know exactly what you are thinking: “Because I am operating it, right!” Well for your information, this same thing is happening to a lot of people. My phone has a mind of its own. It will open 12 programs on its on. I can lay it down and walk off and it will open them. I think the cell phone companies do this because they want you to upgrade and get into another contract.

Let me tell you what I like about cell phones:

  1. Its a great time piece. I have never been able to keep up with a watch so the cell phone has helped.
  2. I use the calendar religiously. I have developed a dependency on the calendar and I miss it desperately.
  3. I use it as a camera: something else I have never been able to  keep up with.
  4. I use my phone for navigation, often.
  5. I like text: it gives me a written record and that aids my failing memory.
  6. I like having my contacts stored in a small gadget in my pocket.
  7. I like to use my phone to google information.
  8. Occasionally, I will answer my phone. When I hear it!
  9. And on rare occasions, I will call someone.

June and I went to a cheap phone and straight talk yesterday. Yes I know we did business with Wally World which I don’t like to do. What I like less in contracts. I would be perfectly content without a phone if it were not for those first seven things on my list.

Ruth Celebration of Life Service will be Sunday evening at 3:00 at the church. Burial is at Lebanon Baptist. LORD willing, I will be taking some GK’s to watch Lori and the softball team today. They are in the regional tournament in Huntsville.

It has been a good week in terms of booking engagements. Dr. Randall Acthley called and I will be at Lebanon Baptist on August 20, 27 and September 17, all are AM engagements. I preach at Muscle Shoals Baptist Association on June 12, at the SBC on June 14,  at DBC on June 18, at Southside in Decatur on June 20. I will be preaching twice in July, actually four sermons on two Sundays {July 9,30} so I am tickled. I will actually have to look at my calendar when someone calls. August 20th, I preach at Lebanon in the morning and Danville in the evening. Why am I sharing this? So Joe David can proof it and make sure I’m not mixed up. I was kidding about the SBC. I am not speaking at the Southern Baptist Convention–it is their loss.

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