“Job, can you pull the leviathan out of the sea with a fish hook? Can you tie down its tongue with a rope? Can you put a rope through its nose? Can you stick a hook through its jaw? Will it beg you for mercy?”
~Job 41:1-3, NIRV


God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. He plants His footstep in the sea and rides upon the storm.

~William Cowper

What is this Leviathan? Some say a huge crocodile, some say whale, some think it was a dragon and it certainly had dragon like features. I think it was a pre-flood creature of the dinosaur variety. It seems to be an aquatic creature. I do believe in dinosaurs. They were destroyed by the flood and Job lived before the flood. Whatever it was, it could not be tamed, controls or subdued by man. At this point in history, there were no weapons that could harm this creature. It was a larger than life creature that man had absolutely no power over. This talk about Leviathan comes after Job has accused God of being unfair and unjust. The LORD is using the giant creature to illustrate a points or possibly two points.
  1. I think the LORD’s first point is: “Job, since you know so little about the creatures on this planet, you are hardly qualified to pass judgment upon Him who made the entire Universe, together with its wonderful and baffling creatures.” The Leviathan is not the only mysterious creature God created. I am still trying to figure out why He created flies and mosquitoes. Job was a sage, a wise man but this was God’s way of reminding Job of his ignorance and his lack of understanding.
  2. Not only is the earth populated with mysterious creatures that we cannot figure out, we are faced with problems we can’t solve, mountains we can’t move, obstacles we can’t overcome and battles we can’t win. We don’t have the power or resources to manage, control or subdue these larger than life issues. A good example would be sin. Sin is huge, it is powerful and intimidating. I can’t stop drugs, human trafficking, abortion, the persecution of Christians, crime or greed. Death is another larger than life issue that intimidates us. I need the same thing Job needed: a redeemer from heaven willing to come and stand on earth in my behalf. Creation nor anything in it intimidates my Savior. He who created it, controls it. I can’t command the wind or the giant prideful waves but He can.

Ty Bo asked me yesterday if I was in TAG when I was a boy. I looked at him like a calf at a new gate. Lexi said, “The gifted class granddaddy.” I thought it was funny. Of course, I told him the truth. I was not in the gifted class, praise God, there was no gifted class when I was a boy but had their been, I am relatively sure I would not have been in it. By the way, I walked to school, it was uphill and I was barefooted. I have witnesses.

I’m so red that I liked the bumper sticker I saw 30 years ago that read,“My kid just beat up your honor student.” The only thing worse than having an animal tail hanging from your trunk or tail gate [be it Elephant or Tiger] is to have a sticker that reads, “My kid is gifted…Your are average.” Seriously, teaching your children that they are better than others is a recipe for disaster. It is a good way to create a social misfit which you don’t want to do.


I went to Huntsville yesterday to support my daughter-in-law but I was no good luck charm for sure. We faced some good pitching and our division was probably the toughest. Moulton pounded Lee High School of Huntsville and we had already defeated Moulton twice. Tough competition plus mistakes did us in but we do celebrate winning our area for like the fourth or fifth year in a row. I did enjoy a fun day with the Grands. I hope we created a memory.

Day two of our CHEAP PHONES and all is well. I have unlimited internet for $45, what do you have? Just kidding, you have an I-Phone 8 and I need more humility.

I am proud of David Wood. A beggar came up to David yesterday wanting some money. David asked him if he was saved. I don’t think he knew what that meant. David said, “Do you know Jesus?” He assured David that he did and David gave him $5, then Brian added $10.

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