Ulam’s sons were brave soldiers who were experts at using a bow and arrows. They had a total of one hundred fifty children and grandchildren.

~I Chronicles 8:40, CEV


Having a place to go to at the end of day is HOME. Having someone there to love you is FAMILY. Having both is a BLESSING.

~Image Quotes

I was visiting a woman in the hospital the other day: she has six children. I was talking to one of her daughters about the size of the family and she said, “We have thirty something when we get together.” I said, “we are moving in that direction, we have twenty.” Yesterday as I was reading the genealogies of the Tribes in Chronicles, I happen to notice a very large family; actually two families caught my attention. The first was of the tribe of Issachar and the man’s name was Tola {Worm}. He was Issachar’s oldest son and by the time of David, his clan numbered 22,600. The Von Braun Civic Center would not be big enough for their Christmas get together. But of course, this is an entire clan. Stepping down to one family there is a man in Saul’s family, tribe of Benjamin, who’s name is Ulam. The bible doesn’t tell how many wives he had but I am sure it was more than one because he had 150 children and grandchildren. Judging by his name Ulam, he was either dumb {mute} or tongue tied. Despite his handicap, the man produced a phenomenal family. All of his sons served in the military and all were expert archers. June’s grandfather, which would be our children’s great grand father, raised nine children and all six sons and all three son-in-laws fought in WWII. No other family in Limestone County has ever matched these numbers.

Genealogies are very interesting to study and we can learn a lot from them. I wish now that I had picked my grandparent’s brain. My grandmother Blackburn could tell Civil War stories; she got them from her grandmother. One story was about them hiding in a well to keep from being murdered by Yankee’s. I don’t think it was Sherman’s group but there was more than one that raped, murdered and pillaged. Anyway you look at it FAMILY is important. Other than Christ, my greatest wealth is FAMILY.

We need a rain. We have leaves falling here at 1120 due to the heat wave and no rain. I have corn tousling and it only 30 inches high. Three weeks ago, I would not have dreamed that my corn crop would burn up but it is happening. I’m trying to save two rows. Don’t have enough water to save the entire patch.

Prominent Southern Baptist leader and former CHRISTIAN LIFE COMMISSION director Richard Land, said the chief reason Christians voted for President Trump in 2016 was to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the White House.

“If Hillary Clinton had won this last election, we would have just participated in the last fully free election in the history of the United States,” Southern Evangelical Seminary President Richard Land said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

“They would have subverted the rule of law,” Land said of Clinton and her team. “They would have come after us. They would have weaponized the federal government against us.”

I agree with Land. I cannot remember if he retired from the Christian Life Commission or if he got Mohlerized. I know one thing, we need him back in office and Moore needs to take a hike. He does not represent Southern Baptist and should have never been appointed to the office. Mohler may not realize it but the vast majority of SB are evangelicals not reforms. I got news for Al, he is not going to change that fact. It’s time for Mohler to retire from SBC politics. We don’t need politics in the SBC, we need prayer.

Never Trust a man who wears a bow tie.

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