Foolish People



Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.

~Proverbs 17:28, ESV


Wise men talk because they have something to say: fools because they have to say something.



Bro JackI read Proverbs 17:28 in the NIrV yesterday but I did not intend to blog on the subject today until I heard Lou Ann call the Paul Finebaum show. I have a cousin Lou Ann in Bessemer, but it was not my cousin, she is blessed with good sense. This woman who called in has fallen out of a stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. Her comments and questions were so stupid that I had to cut the radio off, I just couldn’t take anymore. I have never called the Finebaum program and never will. I am not going to call any talk show because I do not want to broadcast my ignorance. I love his show when he interviews intelligent people but I cannot take these insufferable rednecks who call in to expose their ignorance. As my friend Holly says, “This woman doesn’t have any friends.” A true friend would tell her to stay off the radio.

I know a couple of sports fans read the blog and you probably want to know what her question was: “How would the committee rank the 2 lost Teams in the SEC West if the play offs were today?” [1] First of all, Finebaum can’t answer the question because he has no idea what the committee is thinking and [2] Secondly, the question is premature. It may have some validity in November but not now: its far too early.

The verse in the morning and the phone call in the evening did aggravate my mind: “how many times have I spoken because I had to say something rather than having something to say?” I probably don’t want to know the answer. In truth, only the LORD knows but I can assure you, it has happened more than once.


  • Praise God for October. I love the cooler weather. I have enjoyed the last two days, now for a day of rain: wouldn’t that be wonderful!
  • I want to meet with Deacons and Trustees in the morning at 9:00, the rest of the schedule is routine.
  • I attended the COLS of a man who helped June and I through our second year of Seminary. I am forever indebted to Wheeler Kidd. It was a bitter sweet service to me because of the regret I felt in my heart. Bro. Kidd had an automobile accident 5-6 years back and he went from being a robust active working man {Cattle Farm} to an invalid. Someone got word to me about three years ago that is health was failing but by the time I got there {Christmas Eve 2013}, his mind had gone and he didn’t even know me. I waited too late. Then I visited an old friend, someone I’ve known my entire life. She got some bad blood during her heart surgery in the early 90’s, now she has hepatitis B. She has lost even more weight and she had none to lose but she has a great attitude. Would you pray for my friend Carolyn, she is 67. I was born on August 8 and I think she was born on the 16th. She was my next door neighbor growing up. This is a country neighbor, across the field or pasture.
Fall In British Columbia
Fall In British Columbia

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