Found My Life Verse


O God, you know so well how stupid I am, and you know all my sins.

~Psalm 69:5, TLB


If you see yourself as a little sinner…You will see Jesus as a little Savior.

~Martin Luther

As I was conversing with some old friends Sunday night at the picnic, one of my less than finer moments was mentioned. I said, “Thank you for reminding me of my folly.” Then I went into a diatribe, a lengthy confession about the stupidity of my sin. I told the group I was speaking to; “If there was an award for doing stupid things, I would get it.” I was hoping they would protest but they agreed. No, I’m kidding; they were very understanding and I appreciate their kindness. Sin is one of those things that looks good at first glance but once it comes into deeper perspective, it looks awful foolish. When I view my sins in the rear view, I think to myself, “How could I be that stupid.” Nothing about sin makes sense: there are no intelligent sins. Colossians 3:25 in the Modern English Version reads, But he who does wrong will receive for the wrong which he has done, and there is no partiality. There are always consequences to sin: some greater than others.

You can lose your temper and say things you regret or go into a rage and kill three people. The consequences for the second are greater than the first but both are stupid. You can drive to Birmingham and buy heroin with counterfeit money but you can’t do it without suffering the consequences–which is being executed mob style. How many of you thought these young drug dealers were intelligent? Messing with drugs is stupid but messing with the crowd that profits from them is mega-stupid. The people at the top of the drug chain don’t do drugs, they make millions by selling drugs. Money is power and they have plenty of both; they will have you executed if your cross them. It is common sense– people who sell you drugs or even give them to you to get you hooked, do not love you. They are not looking out for your interest. When you get into the “far country,” there is no one to look out for you. So how stupid is it to rebel against your loving and benevolent Father and go to the far country where you are on your own. The less than bright kid in Luke 15 traded steak dinners for slop. But give him a little credit; he did come to his senses and he changed his mind about sin. So if you still think sin is thrilling, chilling and filling: you need to repent of your stupidity.

I love the cool weather and we could use a little rain at 1120 Iron Man. We would be in trouble except for the cool weather: the corn still looks good. Got another project completed yesterday thanks to my good friend John Harold Hayes, a big man with a big heart.

Tonight we will be sticking our feet in the water: we are attempting to go back outside on Wednesday night. It will not be live but hopefully, we will air it at a later time. We are going to be in ROMANS on Sunday morning and night for awhile. God bless you and thanks for reading the blog.

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