An Oxymoron


Make haste, O God, to deliver me! Make haste to help me, O Lord.

~Psalm 70:1, MEV


“God never needs to be called upon to hasten. He is never tarrying uselessly or carelessly.”

~G. Campbell Morgan

Years ago, we were in REVIVAL at DBC and I had Randy Sharp leading the music and Junior Hill preaching. I told Randy before the service, I want about 20 minutes of praise and worship and then give it to Junior. In the old days, I did not give praise and preaching the same status. It was like, lets get this singing over with and get to the good stuff before people get tired. I still remember Randy’s reply word for word. He said, “Bro. Jack, Jesus never got in a hurry and neither am I.” I was speechless. I could not think of a single instance where Jesus hurried. I was humiliated: outdone theologically by a music person. What shame and reproach I had to bare. Hey, the lesson stuck: I have not forgotten what I learned that night–God does not hurry, ever. Haste is an act of desperation and God is never desperate.

Peggy Murphy sent me an email about the old farmer that was saying grace in the pastor’s presence. He began something like this, “Lord I hate the taste of lard, buttermilk, baking soda and white flour [the preacher in shock opens one eye] but I love biscuits.” In life, there are some distasteful things that we have to endure but God has the ability to use evil to accomplish good. This is the DIVINE CONSPIRACY, God’s ability to use evil to accomplish His purpose. Nothing is history is more evil than the crucifixion of Jesus yet God used it to accomplish His purpose. God has only one plan and that is PLAN A or Jesus. He is in absolute control although it appears that our world is totally out of control. There are no surprises with God and no emergencies–therefore He never needs to hurry.

Yet David is pleading with God to “hurry up.” Does this fact make Psalm 70 a bad prayer? No, all our prayers are bad when it comes to theological correctness. David was desperate; he was in deep trouble and he cried out to God which is exactly what God wanted David to do. Our heavenly Father wants us to come to him in our desperate situations. In a sense, there are not bad prayers. Do you want your children to come to you when they have a need or go to someone else? Imperfect people cannot pray perfect prayers. Bad prayer is better than no prayer at all.

I had the blog ready to post yesterday and forgot to hit the button. I left early yesterday morning and didn’t realize what I had done until late yesterday evening. We finished 4 yards of concrete at Troy’s hunting lodge which is near Winfield, Alabama and near the Mississippi line. I saw two deer driving into the lodge. I also got to see the Confederate Memorial on 278. I wonder if the protesters will try to take that one down. According to the left, all injustice comes from the white males and anyone who disagreed with them on the issue is a “white supremacist.” Obviously, the morons have no concept or knowledge of history; especially relating to the continent of Africa. I suppose Idi Amin was a white supremacist. Romans 1:21-22 come to mind…For although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, neither gave thanks, but became futile in their reasoning, and their heart, devoid of understanding, became darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

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