Frank The Disciple


Here is an Israelite worthy of the name {Frank}: there is nothing false in him.

~John 1:47, REB


By being frank with others, you may acquire a lot of enemies but you will have fewer fake friends

~Image Quotes

You didn’t know that Jesus had a disciple named Frank, did you? Actually, he went by two other names: Nathanael and
Bartholomew who most believe was one in the same. Nathanael got nick named Frank by Jesus because he spoke his mind without duplicity. Nathanael was open, honest, forthright, plain spoken, a straight shooter. He was undisguised in manner or appearance. What you saw was what you got. He did not practice deceit. All the disciples are unique: Peter was impetuous, John was a mystic, Thomas was a doubter and Judas was greedy. Nathanael was frank. He did not disguise his motives.

It is much easier to communicate when people say what they mean. I never know how to interpret double talk which explains why I have such difficulty relating to women: they don’t always say what they mean. When June is upset with me, I need her to tell me why. Don’t give me this, “If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you.” I’m not into guessing games so say what you mean. If you say you don’t want a birthday present; I’m not going to get you one. If you want one, tell me what you want. Women {not June specifically} are bad to set men up for failure. Listen to me females: we are not as intuitive as you are and we are not going please you unless you tell us how. How hard is it to tell someone what you really want?

I want Alabama to win every game; to live the rest of my life in Danville, to die among family and friends [above ground in the light]. I want my kids to love Jesus with all their heart; I want Israel’s help {Jews} in getting the gospel to the world; I want REVIVAL in America which is paramount to the South rising again. I want the parasites out of Washington and the Republic preserved. I also want Jesus to come back soon. See how easy it is to be honest?

I think I said “No more blogs until October 21” but just got in the mood to blog today. We got home last night about 9:00 pm. We want to thank a host of people: Grace Point for paying our way initially; Eddie for getting our new tickets at his expense and for putting us up in that luxurious 6 Star hotel in Guatemala city. I’ve never seen anything like. We want to think Deidra for being a wonderful host just like her sweet mom, though she does have some of her daddy’s ways. We want to thank Soy for being our chauffeur and goffer. We want to thank Jason for helping us with our humility. He made fun of me 24-7 and he corrupted Charles and Soy.

We actually had a mini-vacation planned this week. We were going to Dollywood. The LORD moved me to make a change: June was reluctant at first. When our tickets got fowled up I took that to be God’s will and I was fine but June was disappointed. When Eddie told her he could make it happen, she got excited, much more than myself. June gets an A-Plus on her mission work but a D- on travel. She may go back but it want be with me. I told Holly to be prepared last night because she will ill as a hornet and low and behold, she was at nice to them as she could be. I don’t have patience on the high way: June has no patience in airports. This was the first time she had flown since 9/11 which dramatically changed air travel and made it a pain in the rear. WE ARE THRILLED TO BE HOME and anxious to get all our children home {Joe David and the team}.

The girls say that Joe David is nothing like me and I guess he is grateful but he does have a couple of my ways: he has a bit of “dare devil” in him and a love for adventure. He has his own way of doing things: he is not a copy cat. If you go with him on a mission trip; you better be prepared for the unexpected. He does his own scripting and it is definitely unique. Charles and the Danville crew have no problem with it but I would not recommend this trip for those that wear a tight halo. Pharisees will have a long and miserable week with him. My question is: Who do they make fun of when I’m not there?

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