This is not a normal post but I do have some thoughts to share about our trip to Guatemala. This is my 5th trip and it has been totally different from the others. Flying in over Guatemala City stirred my heart: I was overwhelmed by the need, the spiritual need of so many people. It was a feeling I could not shake. Joe David told us before we left, “We are not going to change the world; we are going to make a difference in the lives of a few people.” I thought about what Jesus could do here: He would have no language barrier and He would for sure draw a crowd. He would most definitely touch lives of many but there are more people in Guatemala City than there was in the Middle East in the incarnation. I am burdened by the numbers, the mass of humanity. How in the world can I make even a little difference. I was humbled by my first visit but this time I felt a deep humility I don’t think I had felt before. Joe David was right, I can not make a big difference–the needs are overwhelming. Only a proud and arrogant soul could think their presence would change this part of the world. I am a little person hopefully making a little difference. I will be content to make a little difference. Actually, I pray that we as a team have made a little difference. Small things are useful in God’s economy. The little lad had a small lunch but Jesus used his lunch to touch thousands.

I pray for Deidra every day. She gets the same treatment that I give to Trump, Franklin Graham and Joe David. I pray for Soy some of the time but I am going to do better since he has agreed to carry us to the Airport. They are doing a fantastic work here in Guatemala. I may have been cut out to be a missionary but I didn’t get sowed up right–they did. I told Soy today, he is the perfect missionary, laid back, not a care in the world and never looks at his watch. He is entertained by traffic, I’m not. He loves it here and never wants to go back to the States. The only way he will go back is if his father-in-law moves down here. Seriously, they are doing a good job and are worthy of your support. Deidra may be more organized than Mandy, she keeps the ball rolling. She the energy that makes the wheel turn.

I also want to give a report on the GRACE POINT missionaries: Charles Sanders and June Bailey. I give them both an A-Plus. Travel is hard on Charles because nothing here is designed for a 6’7″ man. Charles is great on the building site but that no shock to anyone: he is good in any situation here–he is a good missionary. Travel is hard here: They literally had to get out of their van today and push it up the mountain after Too Tall had walked down a mountain. June spent today at the feeding center with the kids; she had a blast. She gave away T-shirts and dresses from the GP family. Those who read the blog get word to Shirley: THEY LOVE THE DRESSES.

LORD willing June and I will be back in the States on Thursday and Joe David and crew will fly in on Friday.

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