You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

~John 8:32, CSB


The one good thing you can say about the devil is–he is always busy.

~Calvin C. Inman

Yesterday’s blog got my mind turning. The devil is the master at distraction and disruption. He has a distinct advantage, he is a spiritual being [not encumbered with a fleshly body] and he is highly intelligent. He is a student of human nature and he has a lot of experience. He has been reeking havoc on the human family since the garden and he is relentless. Luke 4:13 states, After the devil had finished every temptation, he departed from him for a time. You can quote him some scripture and he will leave you alone for the moment but he will be back. He keeps on keeping on. He is not lazy nor inactive. One of the things he uses against us, and I am speaking of those who are followers of Christ, not professing Christians, is our failure and our feeling of inadequacy. While God was telling Moses what he could do, the devil was telling him what he couldn’t do.  We make embarrassing mistakes and the devil pounces with ridicule and shame…“Maybe you should quit, after all, are’t you just another hypocrite.” I had a pastor friend who got really discouraged and he told his congregation one Sunday night, “I thought about resigning but since you don’t care if I do or don’t, I have decided to stay on for spite.” I like his grit. I think the reason I persevered through unpleasant circumstances was to spite the devil. I always knew it would please him if I threw up my hands and threw in the towel and I didn’t want him and his followers to have the pleasure.

I fought discouragement tooth and nail for years. Every Saturday night was a battle and so was every Monday morning. Then, some where in the 90’s, God got my attention through a small book and the light of truth set me free. My view of sovereignty is quite different from that of a hyper-Calvinist, but I do understand that God is sovereign which means–He has the power to enact His will. I don’t have that power and neither do you. I can’t keep every promise I make and neither can you. We lack the power to make our will a reality. Trust me, if I had the power, the democrats would not be obstructing. I’d put them all on the same ship and then sink it. Here is the unvarnished TRUTH: God’s kingdom is coming whether this world likes it or not and the coming of His Kingdom does not depend on my performance or yours. I may fail–God will not. The SBC may fail–God will not. The USA and Israel may fail–God will not. He cannot fail because He has the power to fulfill His purposes and no one or nothing can stop him. God said through Isaiah, Yes, I have spoken; so I will also bring it about. I have planned it; I will also do it. {Isa. 46:11} Can you stop a hurricane? Can a host of folks like you stop a hurricane? Is there any nation or power on earth that can stop a simple hurricane? A hurricane is a tiny microcosm of God’s infinite power. He can’t be stopped by the devil, or by a host demons, or by all the dupes on earth who play right into the devil’s hands. He is not going to be stopped by imperfect and flawed servants either. So get over yourself: it is not about you. The world is not depending on you. The world and all it’s needs does not revolve around you or me: Jesus in the center piece of creation. Everything revolves around HIM. Take my advice and get use to it…it is not going to change.

Did you understand what I just said? If you did, you will stop pouting and complaining and start praising. The litmus test is simple: can you praise HIM? We all know you can complain, the question that goes unanswered is: can you praise HIM.

  • I want to ask you to pray for Amanda, Jeremy’s sister, she made a POF yesterday evening and LORD willing, we are going to confirm her this evening. Amanda is 38 years old and has two children. She has been in a prolonged battle with cancer and she weighs less than 100 pounds. God will direct you in your prayers–Just pray for her.
  • We had a supper last night at church and I ate so much I am miserable: I didn’t think I was over eating at the time but now I wish I had not got that second plate. Old Gregg would love GRACE POINT. We had a cabbage casserole last night and it was good. We also had fried chicken, green beans, mixed beans, corn, tator salad, rolls, mandarin orange cake.
  • Many of you remember Jimmy and Debbie Gilliland: Jimmy’s mom passed away. They are doing a cremation, no memorial service.
  • Roger Burcham looked better yesterday. He was doing his morning workout and he looked good. PTL
  • What author wrote more of the N.T. than any other? In the number of books or letters, it would be Paul but in volume of words, it is Luke? It upsets some to think that a Gentile could write more of the N.T. than any other since the rest were Jews. The recent movie presented Luke as a Gentile of Greek influence. As a whole, church history has viewed Luke as Gentile but modern scholarship is beginning to question traditional views.  The movie got me thinking and I want to find a definitive answer and I have not been able to find one.
  • A new rock band, PURPLE RAIN,  imitators of Kiss are in town. The back up singer has that deer in the head lights look. The lead singer is Ozzie Ellis. Photo by Joe David Bailey.

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