Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

~Psalms 37:7, NIV


Fretting can lead you to cut corners ethically. Don’t add a bad conscience to a heavy heart.

~Timothy Keller

Keith Blackwood asked me a few days ago, how long it took me to prepare a sermon. I said it all depends: if the sparks[divine insights] are flying, it may not take that long; if they are not, it can take hours or even days. I do not understand it, God works in mysterious ways but some days, for some reason, are better than others. When I picked up Kellers devotion on Psalms yesterday, the LORD began speaking immediately. The first two works nailed me: “Be still.” Perhaps this is not a problem for you but if you are a Bailey, you can relate. The next three words are just as important…“Be still before the LORD.” The Hebrew word translated “Be Still” by the NIV literally means to cease from your activities, cut the noise off, and hold your peace [be silent], be still and wait. WOW, what a word for a restless heart. The LORD did not let me off the hook with just that thought; as I read further, I realized that I am guilty of “Fretting.” Keller defines fretting as worrying, resenting, being envious and feeling sorry for yourself. I would add “regret” to the list. I am very resentful about abortion and envious over the fact that liberals have more influence in Washington than bible believing Christians. I will not lie, I worry about the next generation and where this country is headed. The LORD basically said to me, “Can you fix the problem? Can you stop abortion? Can you convict or inspire a liberal to love Me?” Of course, my answer to each was NO. I am impotent, I have no authority or power. Then He said, “Since you can do nothing about it, why don’t you wait for me to do something about it?” I’ve been waiting, was my response but His response was: “Have you been waiting patiently?” That hurt!

Again, I hate to confess these generational and genetic hang ups but ‘waiting’ and ‘patience’ are not Bailey traits. Then the LORD said something else. Now for all of you who are passive by nature, not by virtue [which you claim], don’t start swelling up on me and saying, “Oh yes, he told the truth, he is awful. I’ve seen him blow his stack.” Let me remind you that your passive personality can lead you into pure indifference which is the main reason, abortion is still in place. I will admit that ignorance goes with the indifference and that applies to all of us–passive or passionate. The LORD gave me this insight as I prayed about the matter: HOW CAN A BAILEY WAIT PATIENTLY? The LORD said to me,By staying busy with something. Don’t just wait in idleness: you can’t stop abortion but think of all the things you can do.” The list of things we can do is a mile long. The LORD is right of course.

I know that there are many evils related to cell phones and video games but I love to work Sudoku puzzles. I actually enjoy cross-word and jig saw puzzles also. They calm my spirit, help me to relax which again, is not a problem for some. One thing that has always drove me nuts is doctor’s appointments–they never keep them. They make you wait an hour if not two before you see them. What’s up with that? Is is some kind of power play? Are they subtly telling us that their time is more important than our time? Guess what, I don’t care anymore: I have Sudoku on my cell phone. June goes with me to doctors to keep me from leaving rather than waiting and to tell them what I don’t tell them and as I fumed and fussed about waiting: she berated me, made me feel like I was pond scum. BUT no more: I work my puzzle. Only one problem: the puzzle uses up my phone battery in a hurry. Hannah has a solution: she has a wireless charger–I got to get me one. Actually, there is another problem: I can’t work the Sudoku while I’m driving so I still get a firm rebuke about impatience.

Another warm day hallelujah: God is good. What about that Bama basketball team? I hope they can stay within 20 of Kentucky today. I’m picking Auburn, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida to advance then Auburn and Kentucky in the finals with Kentucky winning a close one. Remember, you saw it here first. Don’t give someone else credit for my expert analysis. Have a great weekend–thanks for reading the blog.

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