Deuteronomy 28


No matter what you try to accomplish, the Lord will confuse you, and you will feel his anger. You won’t last long, and you may even meet with disaster, all because you rejected the Lord.

~Deuteronomy 28:20, CEV


Prophecy gives us hope when things appear hopeless.

~Timothy LeHaye

Deuteronomy 28 is definitely one of the most fascinating chapters in all the bible but I must warn you; it is R-rated. It is very graphic: I suppose Moses was trying to put the fear of God into these brazen and rebellious Israelites. Moses begins the chapter by telling them what God will do if they obey the terms of the covenant, which they promised to do. I think Moses had a lot of doubt all along. The rest of the chapter is about what God will do to them if they don’t obey. I know you are familiar with most of these but to refresh your memory; Moses the Prophet told them–if you disobey the following will happen. [1] You will lose your power as a nation. You will not be a leader, you will be a follower. [2] You will be defeated by your enemies and those who survive will be exiled and scattered all over the world. [3] The LORD will keep you in confusion. [4] You will become like pagans. [5] You will be restless, insecure, living in constant fear. [6] You will be oppressed by foreigners and they will show you no mercy. [7] You will see and experience such atrocities that it will drive you insane. [8] People of other nations will shudder when they see your terrible troubles but they will not lift a finger to help you. Instead they will make fun of you. [9] There are many of you now but if you disobey the LORD, only a few will be left.

Folks, I didn’t make any of these up, they are all found in Deuteronomy 28.

The first thing I want to say in response to this very intriguing chapter is: WOW, was Moses a prophet or what! This blows my mind. Every single thing he predicted happened. What may be more amazing is that these prophecies have unfolded over a span of 3,500 year. All nine of the above have been fulfilled and to the detail. My second thought is one of wonder and awe: how does an orthodox Jew read Deuteronomy 28 and fail to see that it has clearly been fulfilled in history. They would have to be blind to miss it but this is one of the prophecies. Look at what Moses says in verses 28 and following…You will become insane and go blind. The Lord will make you so confused, that even in bright sunshine you will have to feel your way around like a blind person, who cannot tell day from night. Years ago, I had JEWS FOR JESUS come do the Passover at the church. I remember carrying our Jewish friend to Crossroads for supper. I asked him point blank: why do the Jews vote democrat? The democrats are not even pro-Israel. He told me…“You have to understand the way they think; they live in constant fear of another holocaust. They think that Hitler came from the religious right and so they fear the conservative movement.” I said, “That’s insane, we are their friends.” He said, “I know that but they don’t and you or I will  not convince them to think otherwise.”

I’m no Moses by any stretch of the imagination. I do confess that years ago, a man nick named me “Little Moses.” He was wrong of course, I’m not even a small version of Moses but I will tell you what I think. The Sadducees [Billionaire Jews] are not to be considered a part of the Jewish nation. I don’t believe they have a future. They have no compassion on fellow Jews. There are poor Jews in Eastern Europe and these rich Jews like Bloomberg don’t give a rip about the poor ones. The Sadducees are a part of the Jewish race but not the nation. I believe God is restoring the nation but I don’t think the Sadducees will be a part of the restored Israel. I hope I am wrong for the sake of these rich and powerful Jews who profit from the miseries of others. Deuteronomy 28:10 is certainly true of me, I am terribly afraid to go against Israel. That’s one of the things that frightened me about Obama, a betrayal of Israel is America’s death warrant. I’d bet my life on it. So don’t get the idea I’m antisemitic: I am anti-Sadducee.

Another gorgeous day yesterday: Thank You Jesus. I picked up gum balls for about and hour: three hours later, a new crop appeared. I fear we will be down Sunday: a slew of people are going out of town. Have a great day: thank you for reading the blog.

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