Goat Head Religion


“The people of Israel are now making sacrifices in the open fields. But they must bring their sacrifices to the priest. They must bring them to me at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. There they must sacrifice them as friendship offerings.

~Leviticus 17:5, NIrV


Anarchy is the absence of a ruler.


Moses made it crystal clear that the Israelites were not sacrifice anywhere they pleased. He knew once this open sacrifice began, it would degenerate into whatever the group involved wanted to worship. Some Israelites rebelled; instead of bringing their offerings to the door of the Tabernacle, they congregated outside the camp and sacrificed to idol. I am not shocked that one of the idols had the head of a goat {Leviticus 17:7}. The goat is a symbol of rebellion and the goat head is associated with the occult. By avoiding the Tabernacle, the Israelites could be their own priest and make their own rules. This is precisely what we are seeing in today’s culture. People are not rejecting religion, humanism is a religion, they are rejecting Christ. There are not only rejecting Christ, the only acceptable Priest, they are rebelling against the order and structure that God has ordained for humans to approach HIM.

If you want to set the left off, just quote John 14:6 where Jesus said, “I AM the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through Me.” Who made this rule? I didn’t and you didn’t! The Almighty made this rule and He did not ask for our advice or approval. Jesus is the only way because God says so. You can create your own rules and your own religion but you cannot get God’s approval when you do.

I am a St. Mary’s Gael; order me a jersey. I have never had any luck with brackets but so far I have missed only two. I picked UNC over Virginia and Florida Gulf over Florida State. I am excited: today is a OFF day. I’m going to go to Sams and get some church supplies {Lord willing} but I get to sleep late if I want and no schedule to keep. I had a good day at E-Tech yesterday. Got all my projects completed and did not get hurt: plus I survived the cold. In spite of the cold nights, our tomatoes are looking good and so are our five cabbage. I would have planted more but couldn’t afford the expensive plants. Everything is getting costly.

The date is set: Senior Adults are going to TOP OF THE RIVER {Lord willing} on Sunday evening March 26th. We plan to leave church at 3:00. We will have a sign up Sunday so we can make reservations. I will be driving the GOLDEN GIRLS and Joe David is driving the Ford. We can handle 27 I think. We can take some cars if we need to. Gas will be on me, but you have to buy your supper.

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