God’s Creative Genius


Countless are the things You have made, LORD; by Your wisdom You have made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

~Psalm 104:24, REB


The evolutionist believes that nothing created everything.

~Ray Comfort

God’s creative work is so mind boggling and complex that all we can do is stand amazed and awed by His power and creative genius. All who have been on a cruise know that when you look out from the ship and all you see is water, you feel a sense of smallness amidst such a vast body of water: it is overwhelming to say the least. Beneath the surface of the water there are millions of creatures, some big and some small. The Psalmist said, “Here is the vast immeasurable sea, in which move crawling things beyond number, living creatures great and small.” [104:25] There are over 5,000 known species of sponges on the ocean floor. Even with modern technology, we do not know how many creatures there are in the oceans. Scientist estimate there are over one million different species and that is just a guess. The Mariana Snailfish lives 26,000 feet below the surface. If my math is right, that is five miles below the surface. Submarines only go 800 feet with the exception of those built to explore deeper water.

You get the picture: our CREATOR is powerful and intelligent. The great ancient philosophers were not atheistic. An atheist in Philosophy was rare in the old days. Generally speaking; they all believed in a supernatural intelligence and power. Why is this? Only a fool could study creation and not see the obvious. God’s creation is an invitation for science. The bible is not in opposition to science: it is not primarily a science book but amazingly, its science is correct. Someday, maybe, science will catch up to the bible. God’s ingenious creation is an invitation to explore, to study and to ponder. Twenty three years ago this month, I got out of a rental car and walked toward the Niagara Falls: I was speechless. I had never seen anything like it in my life. I stood there in wonder and awe. What a mighty God we serve!

Atheism is a blinding force. When men become obsessed with denying the CREATOR their eyes become blind to the obvious. The DNA molecule is one of the most fascinating discovery’s in history but instead of having our students explore real science, we are still trying to convince them there is no God by teaching them evolution which in itself is a joke. No wonder the Asians and others have passed us in education. Evolution is philosophy not a science. It is a theory proposed by man that has no scientific basis: there fore it cannot be studied. There is nothing there to study. All the theory of evolution does is creates a blinding bias.

I do understand why, or I think I do, the books in the Apocrypha {intertestamal} did not make the cannon but every now and then; I do come across some fascinating things. These come from Ecclesiasticus 30…

Verse 1…A man who loves his son will not spare the rod, and then in old age he may have joy in him.

Verse 4…When the father dies, it is as if he were still alive, for he has left behind a copy of himself.

Verse 8…An unbroken horse turns out stubborn, and an unchecked son turns out headstrong.

Verse 14…Better to be poor and healthy than rich and racked with disease

Verse 15…Health and fitness are better than any amount of gold, and vigor of body than boundless prosperity.

Verse 16…There is no wealth to compare with bodily health, no joy to surpass a merry heart.

Verse 22…A merry heart keeps a person alive and joy lengthens the span of days.

Verse 24…Envy and anger shorten life, an anxiety brings premature old age.

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