Nature Has Us Beat


Here the ships sail to and fro; here the Leviathan which You have made to sport there.

~Psalm 104:26, REB


A clam glorifies God better than we do, because the clam is being everything God created it to be, whereas we are not.

~Elisabeth Elliot

We do not know what the Leviathan was; it sounds like the Psalmist is describing a whale because they do play [sport] in the sea. The NIV uses the word frolic and we have all seen whales frolic, at least on video. Some believe the Leviathan was bigger than a whale and could breath fire, a sea dragon of sorts. God made these creatures to play in the water. They were doing what they were created to do. Birds fly, fish swim, horses run, cows give milk–all these creatures know the joy and freedom of doing what they were created to do. None of these creatures live in rebellion against their Creator: instinctively they do what they were created to do.

Man is uniquely different. Our instincts or nature was damaged by the fall. Our first instinct is to please ourselves. We were created to love God and each other but our fallen nature tempts us to love ourselves more than God or others. Our instinct for self-preservation is strong and we have a tendency to look out for number one. As a result, we get caught up in trivial pursuits and do not fulfill our intended purpose. The very thing that we thought would make us happy [doing as we please] does not and the thing we thought would make us miserable [Obedience to Christ] is actually the pathway to freedom, a similar kind of freedom that they natural world enjoys.

Wow, we enjoyed the cool front. When I came in from Ryder’s game last night it was wonderful. It would have been a good night sit outside and look at the stars. If could just get some of that Texas rain.

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