God’s Word Is Absolute


Your laws are perfect and completely trustworthy.

~Psalm 119:138, NLT


The Bible is the chart by which the Christians sails to eternity.

~Thomas Watson

There are a lot of things a person can do with a bible. What caused the Psalmist so much grief was that most people ignore God’s Word. The bible is not really a part of their life. Whereas, it is true that atheist and Christ haters usually attack the bible, seeking to discredit God’s word; most people simply neglect or ignore God’s Word. In many homes, the bible is setting on a shelf collecting dust.¬†Of course the upper crust of our educational society enjoy mocking the word of God. Just remember, these are the intellectual giants who believe in evolution and the big bang theory. I’m sorry folks, but you have to be an idiot to believe in the big bang. I can promise you the DNC has a low view of scripture. I can also assure you that Trump quoting scripture is unnerving to the left. Southern Baptist fought the battle for the bible back in the 1970’s and 80’s. Thank God for conservative bible believing men like Adrian Rogers, Charles Stanley and others. I encountered liberals professors in both College and Seminary. I had a professor in Seminary who did not believe in blood atonement [substitution] nor in hell. Because of the reformation in the 70’s-80’s, Joe David did not have to put up with such infidels. Every professor he had believed the bible was the word of God and that is how it should be.

I made a decision while I was in college that I would accept the Bible as the inspired word of God and that I would faithfully preach His word. Yes, they were and remain many passages that I cannot understand completely but that is due to my imperfection, not His. I believe the Word of God is absolute. It is absolutely true, trustworthy and immutable. Science changes, our feelings change, opinions change but the word of God does not change. Men live, sin and die but the word of God stands forever. Voltaire, the famous French Philosopher was quoted to have said, “In one hundred years, the bible will be a forgotten book and¬†Christianity would be swept away from existence and pass into the obscurity of history.” Voltaire is also remembered as an atheist. I’m not sure he was an atheist and the libs say that the quote about the bible never happened. It is true that the word of God has flourished since Voltaire’s death and his home in Switzerland [not the one in France] was purchased by the Geneva Bible Society and has been used for the distribution of the bibles. It is also true that the Bible remains the number one selling book in the world at 2.5 billion and nothing else is a close second.¬†Quotations from Chairman Mao is second at 800 million. I probably buy a half a dozen bible a year myself. I am looking for a new translation right now.

Many years ago, Joe Eaton showed me an article from a book which I had duplicated. Unfortunately, Joe did not give me the book and I have misplaced the article. The story is about American G.I.’s who were stationed on a small island of just a few thousand people. Some of the service men were Christians and they started a bible study with the natives. When they were redeployed, the natives asks if they would leave one of their bible behind so that they would have one to study. The G.I.’s gladly gave them a bible. The locals decided to use the bible as their code of conduct: they made it their law. A couple of generations later, one of the service men decided to visit the island. What he found was amazing: no crime, no poverty, no substance abuse, etc. The people were literally living by the scriptures and God was blessing them for doing so. Can you imagine what the State of Israel would have become if they had lived by scripture. Israel would be running the world and there would be no close second. How do we explain God’s blessing on America? Well, my first answer would be GRACE but I also think His blessings have something to do with our forefathers and their faith in God and scripture. We are not the most intelligent people in the world: the Jews have the edge on banking, the Germans on engineering, the Asians on math. The only difference between us and the world is our faith in God and scripture. If we abandon those two things, we are goners.

  • Remember, you can get FREE HAY at Church: all you have to do is pick it up. Jerry’s cows are eating it so you better get while it last.
  • TODAY is the real Treat or Treat Day. I hope these little candy eater are satisfied with Sunday night but I bet with have some visitors tonight.
  • TOMORROW in November 1, our official day at 1120 Ironman to change the decor from FALL to CHRISTMAS. T and the Girls came over last night to help Big Mama get some stuff out. I am a blessed man to have a daughter who loved Christmas the way T does and to have two grand daughters following in her footsteps. The Chloe Bug has a wish list a mile long.
  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT we are having a PRAYER MEETING for our R E V I V A L which begins this Sunday. My grand daughters are excited: they love to hear Wade preach. Mandy, put me in their place on the Nursery schedule: I will listen to the pod cast. Give me the rocking chair nursery and a baby that will sleep like a deacon during the service. Hey, it beats cleaning a stinky toilet.
  • REMEMBER: there are two people we pray for every day–Our Pastor and our President.



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