Good For Nothing


This evil people…shall be like this loincloth, which is good for nothing

~Jeremiah 13:10, NRSV


Grace does not run in the blood, but sin does. A sinner begets a sinner, but a saint does not beget a saint. {You must be born from above}

~Matthew Henry

One thing that all O.T. prophets had is common was their abnormal and idiosyncratic ways. Some would label them ‘strange’ and others might use the word ‘weird.’ The LORD told Jeremiah to go buy a brand new pair of underwear and then to take this new underwear to the river and hide them in the crevice of the rocks along the bank. Jeremiah did as he was told. Several months later, God told Jeremiah to go get the underwear but when he pulled it out of the rocks, it was soiled and ruined. The underwear was beyond repair: the moisture had rotted the fabric. Jeremiah looked at it and that’s when God said “these shorts are good for nothing, just like Judah.”

Jeremiah’s underwear was so ruined and rotten, it would not even make a decent rag. I love God’s word. I have not found a translation that I do not like. Every one I read brings me new insights BUT I must confess: the word of God convicts me of my sin. Here lately the word that keeps coming into my mind concerning my spiritual condition is ‘wretched.’ It is not a word we use often these days but it means to be in a miserable state, some synonyms are: deplorable, despicable, pathetic, pitiful, contemptible, shameful, sordid, weak and worthless. Perhaps you are thinking: “Surely Bro. Jack, you don’t feel this way about yourself.” O but I do and so did Paul who said, “O wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death?” When someone asks Charles Spurgeon what his greatest desire was; he said, “To be free of sin.” I am inclined to agree with Sir Charles. Isaiah said that our righteousness, which is always self-righteousness, is like the filthy rags they wrapped around the lepers sores. Stinky rags full of pus and blood. I have no doubt, not even a small tiny doubt, I cannot produce any righteousness, in of of myself, that is not tainted with a selfish or vain motive.

As I was meditating on this truth yesterday the thought came to my mind: there is only one basic difference between me and the vilest creature on earth? That one difference is Jesus and the fact that I know I deserve death and hell. Our world is filled with unbelievers like Cain who think they are entitled to heaven. I know that the fruit of my labor will not cut it: I must have the blood of the LAMB. I’m glad God’s word has revealed the truth that I am good for nothing because that truth gives me great love and appreciation for the Cross.

This is day 26 of the COVID-19 shut-down and I am hoping that we have only 17 days left before we get to resume our normal activities. According to the ADPH, Morgan County is holding at 41 cases. Limestone is at 37 and Lawrence is still at 8. Madison County is at 188 which is not a significant increase. I have been told by those at the seat of civil authority that the death toll is not accurate. Alabama reports 105 but not all of these were the virus; at least not all were confirmed. If anyone dies of virus like symptoms, they count it as COVID-19 fatality. This creates a margin of error. So in truth, Alabama may have less than 105. We see no exponential growth and that is good, PTL. Unless something changes for the worse, I see us back in the building by May 3. I did enjoy drive-in church. LORD willing and the creek don’t rise, we will continue DRIVE-IN church until we can go inside. I spoke with Josh this morning and we see no reason not to go forward with DRIVE-IN church @ 9:15 a.m.

I got bad news when I woke up this morning: last night around 10:30, Steve Inman died with a heart attack. I think Steve was 65. His father, Calvin C. Inman was my mentor. Bro. Inman had more impact on my life [in the spiritual sense] than any other person with the exception of my mother. I want you to pray for Mrs. Lucille Inman, Steve’s mom. She is 91 and is in remarkable shape. She has an able body and a keen mind but she is now the sole survivor. Steve was their only son. Mrs. Inman has a nephew in Hartselle, Dr. Will Ray Couch but all her other relatives live in Mississippi. I hope to get to see her this evening.

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