By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was going.

~Hebrews 11:8, LSB


What good is knowing the destination if you don’t know the way.

~Augustine [City of God}

The key to obedience is learning to follow Jesus. Revelation 14:4 states, These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. You do not have to know where you are going so long as you are following Him. A man came to Jesus and said, “I will follow You wherever you go.” Jesus said, “Are you sure? Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nest but I have nowhere to lay my head. Jesus was confessing that He was homeless and constantly on the move. God never prints out his will with details about where you are going or how long it will take you to get there. The way of faith is the way of Abraham, you follow Him even though you don’t know where you are going. We don’t have a spiritual GPS. We don’t know exactly where we are going or what our estimated time of arrival is going to be. We simply keep our eyes on Jesus and follow Him wherever He leads. It may be through the shadows dim, Or over the stormy sea, I take my cross and follow Him, Wherever He leadeth me. Abraham had no idea where he would end up, he just followed he LORD faithfully.

The LORD began speaking to me in my late teens and I finally ran up the white flag at age 19. I had two more years of college but upon graduation, {August 1971} June and I loaded up a small U-haul trailer and headed for New Orleans and beyond. We had no idea where this journey would take us. If you had put a gun to our head, we could not have told you because we did not have an inkling ourselves. We never dreams of serving a small church in Lena, Mississippi where we fell in love with one of the sweetest families on earth. Then in 1975 we landed in Cherokee, Alabama and lived in the same house as one of my parents former pastors Curtis Nelms lived in while he served the Harris Chapel Baptist Church. The in 1979, we came to Danville for a three year stop as we prepared for the Mission Field but we all know how that worked out. The three years turned in to 38. I visited Danville when I was small child. Mother’s cousin {Reba James mother} lived on Targum, there where the two silos are: very close to Jennifer and Jeff’s. One of my mentors, Judge James M. Newby made the prediction, “Jack will never stay at any church more than three years.” Hey, I thought he was right but twenty years later he apologized; He said, “Jack, you have proven me wrong, I told folks you wouldn’t stay anywhere more than three years.” And now, the LORD has iced the cake. We have had five wonderful years at First Baptist Florette better known as Grace Point. I am telling you folks, in 1971 I had no idea where the LORD was taking me but I have to confess, He knows the way and I am glad we followed. Trust and obey–there is no other way to be happy in Jesus.


In a world filled with bad news, it is great to get share some good news. I was blown away by the crowd at DBC yesterday. They had 40 children in the 5-6th grade class. PTL, 254 total. The parking lot was almost full of cars. They got over $1,000 in their Mission Offering that goes to Guatemala and Mandy had to take a pie in the face. You can see it on FaceBook. She had on goggles and a shower cap. I am doing tractor rides for the little guys and the big ones are upset that they are not getting to ride. We had a great Monday. Pray for the Thursday evangelistic time.

We need rain. I went to the garden late yesterday evening to do some weeding and it was thundering in the South, then West and then North, the rain went around us. Someone got rain but it was not Rockyford. I want to thank Gregg Taylor for the use of his trailer this week. The kids are loving it. Have a good day and thanks for reading the blog.

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