Haste Makes Waste


You shall not leave in haste, running for your lives; for the Lord will go ahead of you, and he, the God of Israel, will protect you from behind.

~Isaiah 52:12, TLB


Slow down…you will get a more harmonious outcome.

~Joe Gill

I’ve always been a minute man. I tell folks I was born in a hurry and have been in a hurry ever since. Where as I do agree with whoever said–“Growing old is not for sissies”–I also admit that aging has some advantages. One of the big edges is age naturally slows us down. This is why we make better grand parents than parents: we are moving slower. A young man asks his grandfather, “Granddaddy, why are you so slow and deliberate?” The grand fathers answer was, “Son, it just doesn’t pay to get in a hurry; you always pass up much more than you catch up with.”

In my younger days I would probably have disagreed with the old man but not anymore. Do I still struggle with the patience and faith to slow down? Yes, I do but I am learning. Israel left Egypt in haste but Isaiah tells them that when they leave Babylon they are not to hurry. He tells them that the LORD will go before them and also be their rear guard. In other words, “Slow down, God is with you and He will protect you.” I think my problem is that I confuse my agenda with His. He will enable me to accomplish everything He wants me to accomplish on any given day if I simply trust Him. It is when I pursue my own personal agenda that problems arise. I have missed countless opportunities because I was going too fast. June and I passed a road sign a few days ago and she asks me what it said; “I told her I didn’t know, I wasn’t paying attention.” She said, “I could have read it myself if you had not being going so fast.” Slow down so you can read the signs. Enjoy your children and your youth. Your children will be grown before you know it and youth is fleeting.

I have the title for tomorrows blog. It comes from Lee Greenwoods song, “I am Proud To Be An American.” The line that says, “The flag still stands for freedom and that can’t take that away,” well, they are trying. If Biden is elected, this may be our last July 4th celebration. The demos hate the flag and patriotism. Any expression of nationalism offends them. Rick and Bubba were talking about this tongue in cheek but I think it will happen if they get control. They have no respect for any of the founding fathers.

I hope you have a great weekend. Wouldn’t it be great to have an eight day week with either two Fridays or two Saturdays. Thanks for reading the blog and have a great day.

Pray for Bill Smith and family.

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