The Flag Still Stands For Freedom…


YOU have poured out amazing blessings on this land!

~Psalm 85:1, TLB


Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

~Patrick Henry

I certainly prayer, and I mean this sincerely, that the America we don’t see on the nightly news is better than the one we see. I am so sick and tired of hearing people talk about these thugs that are rioting, looting and destroying property. I like to see them go to Red China and toss a brick through a window. It takes zero courage to run with this mob in America, land of the free but I promise you they will not do it in China or North Korea. Sorry Brett Farve, I disagree with you, they are not heroes; they have nothing in common with Pat Tillman. You don’t need courage to do what they are doing, just a lack of sense and character. We certainly can’t accuse them of patriotism. They do not love America as we do.

June played me the Lee Greenwood/US Air Force choir singing I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN and that second line caught my attention, WHERE THE FLAG STILL STANDS FOR FREEDOM AND THEY CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY. It is a great song and I like every line in it but we can lose our freedom. As Ronald Reagan said, “We are always one generation away from losing our liberty.” The protest are not random or spontaneous. This is an orchestrated plot or conspiracy and it is being sponsored by big money like George Soros {a rich Jew that hates Jesus and Trump}. I tend to go on political rants but I am making myself focus on the good today as we celebrate our independence. [I moved the rant to the extra]

God has blessed America and I think He deserves some praise. I am anxious about the state of the nation but I have no complaint about the freedom and liberty that I have enjoyed for the past 70 years. Our Russian friends suffered 70 years of oppression under a cruel communist regime while I’ve had 70 years of unprecedented freedom. I do cherish my freedom. God is good and He has been more than good to America. God has blessed America but is America blessing God for His goodness. Well today, we pause to say, “Bless YOU God for blessing us. We acknowledge that every gift comes from You and everything is a gift. Thank You Father!”

I want to thank Steve Hardy for giving me a beautiful picture of Washington on his knees at Valley Forge. It it the kind of stuff that the protesters would burn. According to the left, Washington was a white supremacist and a racist. Let these radical leftist come to 1120 Iron Man to destroy my picture and I will call in the Marine. Freedom must be guarded!

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you and yours has a happy July 4th

Danger: Beware, there may be more truth here than you can handle…read with caution

We have a horde of ignorant dupes who have been brain washed by CNN: these idiots actually believe that the democrats care about them. Yeah, right! They don’t have a clue. The democrats [present day] are elitist. They do not like our REPUBLIC: they hate it almost as much as they hate TRUMP. They want a social democracy slash communistic government. Look at their idol, Saul Alinsky. These riots come from his handbook on revolution {Rules for Radicals}. Obama was a community organizer which is a person who is paid to lead protest and demonstration. They come in an organize a community to riot, loot and destroy. These elitist not only want to destroy our history and heritage, they want to destroy the middle class. They can never achieve their goal as long as there is a strong middle class. They can label us white supremacist, homophones, deplorables, haters and racist but the truth remains–they cannot accomplish their goal because we are standing in their way and that makes them angry. If these leftist are successful in destroying our Republic, don’t think for a moment they will have compassion on those who voted for them. You will be lumped in with myself and all the rest–we will be the peasants and they will be the nobles. They will make all the rules and we will abide by them. When they get control, there will be no peaceful protest. They will take our guns right off the bat but they will get to our bibles and our right to assemble and worship according to the dictates of our hearts. Of course my hope is that there are enough God fearing people who are governed by common sense to keep this from happening but some days I have my doubts.


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