His Eye Is On The Sparrow


Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet, without your Father’s knowledge, not one of them can fall to the ground.

~Matthew 10:29, REB


I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free–for if His eye is on the sparrow, I know He’s watching me.

~Charles Gabriel

Lettie Cowman [March 3, 1870–April 17, 1960] was a missionary to China. She was forced to return to the states due to her husband’s [Charles Elmer Cowman] illness. They returned in 1918 and he was promoted six years later. Lettie then turned her attention to writing books but she never used her name: all her books are published under the name Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. Among her books are a series of devotionals entitled STREAMS IN THE DESERT. Currently I am reading her fourth edition and today’s devotion was on God’s care for the sparrows.

Why did Jesus use the sparrow for His illustration. The sparrow is an unattractive bird to say the least. It is a dirty little bird that makes a big mess and for this reason, they are hated and despised. In Jesus day, they were virtually worthless; cheap for sure. Sparrows are everywhere, on practically every continent and they as abundant as flies. You and I find nothing attractive about them and nothing of value in them but God cares for them and He is mindful of everyone that falls to the ground. Have you ever felt like a sparrow: unwanted, unclean, unattractive, unappreciated and unworthy? Have you ever wondered why God loves you so much that He would allow His favorite Son, His only begotten to die on a cruel Roman cross in your behalf?

God’s ways are higher and all His attributes are infinite. We cannot compare our power to His power: all we can say is that He is omnipotent and we are impotent. The same gap exist in His ability to love and our ability to love. God loves us because He choose to love us. His sovereign choice is much greater than our systematic failure: His grace is greater than our sin and infinitely so. In this life, we will never measure up; nor will we ever deserve His love.

We are on the fast track trying to get all the lose ends tied up before we leave for Guatemala at 3:00 in the morning. I have decided to shut the blog down for a week since lap tops are such a problem in airports. Most of what June and I are talking will not come back so we are intentionally taking at little as possible of our stuff. After tomorrow there probably will not see another blog until October 21. If they have a media room at the Mission House I will do one but I don’t think they do.

Mrs. Jewel Roberts {Sheila’s Mom} is very low. We really had a struggle making a decision about going and now we have a cloud hanging over us but we are simply going to trust God to work things out. Two weeks ago, I could get an argument out of Mrs. Jewel but she has gone down fast, very fast. Pray for Sheila and the children. Pray for Mandy especially because she plans to proceed with our trip. They need Mandy; they don’t necessarily need me but she is the organizer and tells us all what to do and where to be and when.

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