The Fall Of Babylon


At last, at last for you great city, mighty city of Babylon! In a moment your doom has come upon you.

~Revelation 18:10


The devil is the founder and orchestrator of every religion on the face of the earth.


Although Christianity is considered by the world as being one of many religions; it is most certainly not. Christianity is founded on the revelation and incarnation of God: it has no human source. All religions began with some human which in essence makes them flawed. So if you have the idea that Christianity is just another religion or a religion, get that out of your head. All the religions have one thing in common, they are intended substitutes or counter measures for Christ and Christianity. Where does the vast majority of opposition and persecution of Christianity come from? It comes from the great city of Babylon which many think is a symbol for organized religion. Most of the Eastern religions can be traced by to Babylon; thus Babylon became code for religion. The next question is how does this concept jive with the fact that Babylon is mentioned in connection to kings, commerce, power and wealth?

Years ago, a lot of these prophecy guru’s believed that the Roman Catholic Church was Mystery Babylon. The Catholic Church is neither broke nor powerless. Islam is a religion that also has great wealth and power. Even the Mormons have great wealth. Be that as it may, the thing that jumped out at me during my morning bible reading was the suddenness of Babylon’s fall. The scripture says, “In a moment your doom has come upon you.” [18:10] Again in verse 17, “So much wealth laid waste in a moment.” Again in verse 19, “In a single hour she has been laid waste.” But why would the commercial and political world grieve her downfall? Because she was their prostitute. They had used her to gain both wealth and control.

But again, let’s just focus on the suddenness of her downfall and relate that to judgment. How long does it take for tragedy to strike? How long does it take to lose a fortune? Can a mighty Babylon, kingdom, empire, nation fall within an hours time? Go back to the literal fall of the Babylonian Empire, Belshazzar partied all night, passed out drunk and never woke up. The Medes took the city while he lay in his bed: it all happened between his beer bash and daylight. We don’t have details but they probably executed Belshazzar in his own bed. Listen to me dear friends, there is no place for pride in our life: God can change our entire life in a heartbeat. If we are wise, we will fear, serve and worship Him.

Loving the weather but I don’t have time to enjoy it: trying to get a lot of lose ends ties before we leave for Guatemala.

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