So the Lord changed His mind about the terrible disaster He had threatened to bring on His people.

~Exodus 32:14, NLT


True wisdom is being aware of your ignorance.

~Ya’akov {Restatement of Socratic Philosophy}

I was laying in bed listening to a sermon on YouTube the other night and I was not aware that the person I was listening to was a calvinist but toward the end of his sermon, he went on a rant making fun of those of us who believe that God granted man a free will. He belittled, ridiculed, mocked evangelical Christianity. Once again, I was confronted with the arrogance of the calvinist. I don’t guess their bibles have the verses that prohibit PRIDE because they are full of it. James said, “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.” One thing is certain, they have no humility. I have never heard a Calvinist preach on Exodus 32. The Bible teaches that God changed His mind due to Moses intercession. If God is immutable and never changes, how can He change His mind? I don’t know and neither does anyone else but that is what makes Him God. He doesn’t answer to us nor is He obligated to explain Himself. I get tired of hearing the Que Sera Sera theology. Not long ago, I heard a man say, “Prayer cannot have any affect on God but it can change us.” There is one major problem: this is not what Jesus taught and it is not what the Bible teaches. So keep interceding for your friends. Pray for those who are sick physically or spiritually. I do know how it works but prayer makes a difference. Intercession makes a difference. It make a difference in Moses’ day and it will make one now.

Did Jesus intercession for us change anything? You better believe it. Israel was saved by Moses intercession and we are saved by Jesus’ intercession. “Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.” [Hebrews 7:25] I am thankful that Jesus made intercession for me. My appreciation for the atonement grows daily. Jesus made a difference and you and so can you and I. Don’t let the devil rob you of a blessing. Pray for a friend today.


Still behind. I usually have some blogs prepared in advance but not lately. I am in a slump, a spiritual dry season. I not even sure that what I write makes since. Perhaps it will encourage someone.

Message from Gregg, October 30

Everything went well today. We got to hospital at 8:00 for labs and blood work. After that we had four MRI’s. We finished at 1:30. Then I had to take Traci to the Bass Pro Shop. Bone marrow biopsy tomorrow at 7:45 {today}. Get results on Tuesday. Keep those prayers coming!!! Gregg

Update on Jo Ann Lennox

Jo Ann is in HH and they are doing test today. No visitors at this time but prayers are appreciated.

Update on Lincoln

Lincoln is missing his family and friends. He and Andrea will be going to the clinic at 12:30 today. Tomorrow is a big day with several chemo and spinal chemo treatments. Lincoln has a lot of acid reflux and some neuropathy form the chemo. Also, Alec was sick this weekend so Andrea is wore out. I know they appreciate your prayers.


I am so thankful that Grace Point and DBC got to have their Trunk-A-Treats. It was a messy night weather wise but we need the rain and both got their events in and both were successful. Pat’s jambalaya was delicious. My fourth bowl was not as good as the first. No, I did not win the eating contest: Mickey ate five bowls.

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