Judicial Murder



But YOU are opposed to dishonest lawmakers who gang up to murder innocent victims.

~Psalms 94:20-21, CEV


Abortion stops a beating heart.

~Joyce Fecteau


What would you call a person who went into the nursery of a hospital, took a pair of scissors and stuck them into the back of a babies head; then took a suction tube and sucked out the babies brains. I would call that person a murderer, wouldn’t you? What if he/she did the same thing a few hours earlier: would that make a difference? “No,” not to God and not to me: ABORTION IS MURDER. It doesn’t take a lot of logic to understand what has just been said but folks like Hillary Clinton don’t get it; they don’t want to get it. My friend in Neel doesn’t get it either. Unfortunately, my children have some kin folk who don’t get it. The RIGHTS OF THE UNBORN ARE NOT A CONCERN TO THEM or to millions of others. They know that Hillary is a feminist and that abortion is her mantra. They know that she is a socialist who believes that the Government should be the primary supervisior in the rearing of our children. They know that she will lie and that she is complicit to murder and treason. They know she is guilty of all these things but they don’t care.

I am what the media and the politicians call a SINGLE ISSUE VOTER, that is, when they are not calling me an ANGRY WHITE MALE which of course, I am. Appointing the next Supreme Court justice is vitally imp0rtant to me because I want to see the court do what is right by the unborn. I talked to a friend yesterday who has over the years become a single issue voter himself. We talked about TRUMP who is not what we want, certainly not what we had hoped for but he is the lesser of the evils and we must do whatever it takes to keep Hillary from the Whitehouse for the sake of our babies, children and grandchildren. You might say, “We are not for TRUMP but we are for the rights of the unborn and Hillary’s record is totally pro-death.” It is not a hard decision for a Spirit-filled, born again believer and follower of Jesus Christ to understand what is right on this issue and we will be held accountable for getting it wrong. I am sorry folks but I cannot not believe any person can love Jesus with all their heart and not love the unborn. At DBC, the unborn are counted. We even give them a name. I have mothers carrying babies at this very moment and their prayer is for the health of their child. We would be struck with horror if one of those mothers decided to take the like of their child. Killing babies of the sake of population control or convience is evil and of the worse sort. Read the book of Jeremiah in a translation you can understand: God hates child-sacrifice and it is there in black and white. Your “Gray Worldview” is not going to hold up in court, the real SUPREME COURT, before the REAL CHIEF JUSTICE.

“YOU have nothing to do with corrupt judges who make injustice legal, who plot against good people and sentence the innocent to death.” [Psalms 94:2–21, GNT]

MTIwNjA4NjMzNzQzNDQzNDY4If you doubt my integrity, do your own research: find out how abortion became legal. It was a conspiracy, a plot between injustice Harry Blackmun [pictured to the left] and the feminist who were supported by the democratic party. Roe. v Wade is based on a fabrication. Check it out! Abortion is a house of cards built on a lie. Blackmun was appointed by Richard Nixon but the left seduced him with flattery and lies. They told him that he would become the most famous Justice to set on the Court. They lied, as did Sarah Weddington and all who were involved in the infamous debacle of the ages. Blackmun died sad knowing that he was not going to be remembered as a hero for feminist so much as the man who made the murder of unborn babies legal. To my knowledge, he never repented. Over 58,000,000 babies have died because of Blackmun’s decision. Would you like to trade places with him?


Kenny Evans

He will be on the Block Party Stage and with us Sunday Morning in the Sanctuary



Today is hump day in our 5 day Block Party extravaganza; it is a set up day and the day that most of our stuff gets delivered. So far, so good. Great turn out for the COMMUNITY BLITZ, great turnout last night for GRACE BARN and fencing. We did have one casualty. Jason hyper extended a knee and can barely walk. Just want to say, I enjoyed working with the fence crew last night: they make work fun.

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