So the master said to his slave, “Go out to the highways and country roads and urge people to come in, so that my house will be filled.”

~Luke 14:23, NET


If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t want to do something, you will find an excuse.



bro-jack-at-christmasJesus spent much more time on the road than in the synagogue and He assumed we would do the same. As disappointing as it is to our LORD and our leaders, the church is no longer militant, we are passive, fearful and indifferent. We use the sanctuary as a place to hide, much like the Jews of Jesus day. Our purpose in gathering is to scatter but as Hosea said, “We are a cake half turned.” We are well done on one side and completely raw on the other. The majority of our folks and even some who profess to be leaders think that attending services is “Church.” The truth is: attending services is only one aspect of church. The chief assignment of the church is to “Go,” not to sit. Jesus took the gospel of the kingdom to people but we hang out a sign that says welcome, then we sit in comfort and wait. Jesus never intended for it to be this way because human nature demands that we go. Lost sinners are not going to flood our churches anymore than criminals are going to flood a jail house. The great majority don’t know that they are lost so we must carry the light to them where they are.

I love doing a community blitz. There is something exciting about going door to door. I am always surprised at who shows up and who doesn’t. I am also impressed with the excitement experienced by those who show up. I spoke of a man from the Baptismal waters last Sunday or maybe the Sunday before. He doesn’t miss. Sunday night, Wednesday night, Sunday morning: he is here. I called him by name and said, “I’m going to have to ordain you as a deacon, you aren’t missing a service.” He was here last night and led a team. The man is not even a member, not yet but he is a great prospect. Our grandson Landon went with Big Mama and myself. We made 59 visits and stayed out almost 2 hours. Big L as we call him did great. It amazed me as I listened to him talk to people. He introduced himself, told them who he represented and then began encouraging them to come to the Block Party. He told me more than once, “Granddaddy, this is fun. I like doing this.” What we call fun is the joy God gives us when we are obedient.

One funny story at Big L’s expense: he is a little fearful of dogs. We came to a long driveway on the left and a mobile home on the right which was near the road. June let him out to get the mobile home and then turned into the long drive to carry me to the house. It was some of our new neighbors and I wanted to meet them. She looked in the rear view and here comes Big L in a dead run, and he doesn’t like to run. I said, “What are you doing son?” “They have a bad dog Granddaddy he came at me before I could get to the steps, and he almost got me,” he said. I said, “get in and I’ll get it on the way out.”  June pulled in and I said, “Son, I don’t see a dog, where is the dog?” “He is out there somewhere,” he said and about then June said, “I see him under the tree but he is chained.” Big L said, “How embarrassing!” In all honesty, we both got embarrassed before the night was over. We pulled in at Big L’s girl friend’s house and I could not see through the shrubs and I thought it was her mother so I hollow something that I thought would be funny to the mother but it wasn’t the mother. How embarrassing indeed. I did appologize, twice as a matter of fact.

Dr. Junior Hill at DBC August 21 @10:15 am
Dr. Junior Hill at DBC August 21 @10:15 am
  • FOLKS it is here: BLOCK PARTY week is underway. Great start last night with BLITZ and tonight is the GRACE BARN set up. We are praying for another miracle. Felton and I may move a few things today but we can’t move them inside until a few minutes before 6:00. If a few of you can get here at 5:30 it will be great.
  • FENCE TEAM: I do need a leader for the fence team. Due to my back problems, I can’t drive post. I have all the equipment here you need. We just need man power.
  • CORPORATE SPONSORS have been super: we need to add HEMBREE Machinge Shop, CORUM’S building supply {gates and watering troughs}, HUNTER SAFTY SYSTEMS {Stage prize}.
  • We have four or five door prizes for workers this year: 32 inch TV, two $50 gift cards, one to Cracker Barrel and one to Ma Krogers. We also have some smaller items. We draw at the TEAM MEETING around 5:00 on Saturday. Everyone will be elgible to win except myself.

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