King, For A Little While


“You know that I was king for a little while,” Adonijah replied. “And everyone in Israel accepted me as their ruler.”

~I Kings 2:15, CEV


Vanity can easily overtake wisdom and it has been known to overtake common sense.

~Julian Casablancas

I don’t know how many times I have read the story of Adonijah proclaiming himself king without his fathers consent but it seems to get more intriguing each time I read it. Poor old Adonijah must have fallen from a stupid tree and hit every limb on the way down. There are a lot of questions swirling in my mind. For one, why did Abiathar side with Adonijah? Abiathar had been David’s personal priest since the days when David was running from Saul. Abiathar was Eli’s great-grand-son and he had always been loyal to David. I would love to know why he took the risk of supporting Adonijah. It is not like Adonijah was ignorant to the fate of those who take matters into their own hands; he had witnessed the death of Absalom his brother who rebelled against his father. Some folks just don’t take notes; they don’t learn from the mistakes of others. It is a shame to waste your sorrows or those of others.

Solomon had given Adonijah a reprieve, a stay of execution but Adonijah will not leave well enough alone. He goes to Bathsheba to ask for the hand of Abishag and in his appeal he makes this pathetic statement to Bathsheba, “I was king for a little while.” Yeah, less than a day. The unfortunate thing is that Adonijah speaks for the vast majority. Knowing that CHRIST is the rightful king, we rebel against God and declare ourselves king. This is exactly what most folks are doing right now but for how long? How long will the self-willed, the followers of Cain be the king of their own domain? Considering the brevity of life, not long. For Adonijah, time was running out, shortly after talking to Bathsheba, Solomon had his brother executed. So the question remains: was it worth it to be KING FOR A LITTLE WHILE?

I was in my building when the storm hit yesterday: all of a sudden I heard a loud noise. A limb had broken off a tree and it hit my roof: it brought me out of my chair. Thankfully it was not a large limb but it did make a lot of noise. We got 30 minutes of hard rain.

Continue to pray for our sick: Bob, Sandra and Lilly. I am behind on my shut-in visitation: hope to get it done today.

Tried my new hush puppy recipe and we liked it. June and I got some bad slaw night before last and it gave us a workout. I didn’t eat all day yesterday but pigged out on hush puppies last night.

Finally some good news: Tubs is running for the Senate and I am confident he can beat Doug Jones like a red headed step child. I am pumped: Tommy is a good man. I use to make fun of him but I am repenting. I plan to help him all I can. We have to get the traitor out of the Senate.

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