Mischief By Decree


Can a throne of destruction be allied with You, one which devises mischief by decree?

~Psalm 94:20, NASB


The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

~Edmund Burke

Psalm 94 is another Royal Psalm making reference not only to the king and the throne but also to judges. This Psalm is not about the heathen from without persecuting the people of God, it is about evil from within the nation of Israel. Wiersbi thinks it may have been written in the days of wicked king Manasseh but Judah had many wicked kings. The soul searching question posed by the Psalmist is: Can God be allied to a throne [civil authority] that legalizes sin and wickedness? People misunderstand what Paul said in Romans 13… Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished. Paul is talking about law and order. Christians are not to be criminal in their behavior and if they are, they should expect to be punished. Paul is not condemning civil disobedience for he himself refused to stop spreading the gospel when reprimanded by government authorities. As a matter of fact, Paul spent almost as much time in jail as out.

What are believers to do when government makes sin and wickedness legal. When civil authorities take something immoral and make it a law; that doesn’t make it right. We can make it legal but we can not make something right that God says is wrong. We have legalized gay marriage: it is legal but that doesn’t make it right. We have made killing unwanted babies legal but does that make it right. Wiersbe says, “We give thanks that in evil days, we can take refuge in the Lord but we take refuge in HIM, not to hid from our responsibility but that we may be equipped to go forth in courage and confront the enemy.” Some years ago, I was entertaining a Calvinist unaware. He made an idiotic statement while sitting at my supper table. My wife and kids slowly left the room as soon as they heard him. He said, “Picketing and abortion clinic is like picketing the Talladega School of the Blind.” He went into a little diatribe making light of the Pro-Life movement. I don’t have time to go into my response but suffice it to say, the reforms don’t believe Christians should be proactive when it comes to civil matters. They have that “Que Sera, Sera” [Latin for whatever will be, will be] attitude. In other words, you just stay at home in your prayer closet and enjoy your fellowship with the LORD because nothing you do or say is going to change anything. This twisted theology leads to extreme passivity; something you don’t find in any of the Apostles and you sure do not see it in Jesus. Salt does no good unless it is rubbed into the meat or applied to whatever you are trying to preserve. We have a reform as the chair of the CHRISTIAN LIFE COMMISSION. That’s like putting the fox in charge of the hen-house. He is the same idiot who said during the last presidential election: “When confronted with the lesser of evils, vote for neither.” Are you kidding me! To vote for neither is to vote for the greater evil. The truth is; most of them [reforms] do not vote at all [Que Sera, Sera]. When I use the word ‘reforms’, I am not speaking of our Presbyterian brothers–I am talking about misguided Baptist.

There is in a sense, a feeling of helplessness. When evil is allied to a throne, common people suffer. The helpless suffer the most. In our case, it is the unborn. If I could stop abortion, I would but the democrats have made it an institution and they have the support of the media. But I can pray to God and He does have the power to stop it. I can also speak out against this evil which I do on a regular basis. I also vote Pro-Life. I am afraid a great majority of professed believers think like the reforms. Obama would not have been elected if evangelical Christians had turned out in mass to vote. There is a judgment coming and we believers will be held accountable. Tomorrow, I will talk about what awaits the unbelievers.

Abortion Facts

  1. Every abortion takes the life of one human being and initiates the process of death in the second.
  2. Every human being is a person created in the image of God and their life is sacred.
  3. Every pregnancy involves two or more bodies.
  4. It is just for society to outlaw any choice that requires the death of another person.
  5. The right not to be killed [murdered] supersedes the right not to be pregnant.
  6. Poverty, rape, incest, disability and inconvenience does not morally justify taking the life of another person.
  7. The difference between the unborn and the adult is time, not kind. The unborn are just as human as their parents
  8. Less than 1% of all abortions are performed to save the life of the mother.
  9. To be “Personally Pro-Life” [like so many politicians] is to be passively Pro-Life which is not Pro-Life at all.
  10. Infanticide is as evil as genocide and more evil than slavery.

  • Thomas Pickens had a procedure yesterday at Princeton. He should come home today.
  • Seth’s crew, working in Texas, had another fatality. A 21 year old lineman was electrocuted yesterday. This makes two in the past month. Big Mama is ready for him to retire as a lineman.
  • Praise the LORD for the weather; at least in our neck of the woods. Our friends in Florida are not as fortunate unless the storm misses them and I pray that it does. The cooler nights will slow the grass down, I hope.
  • I am a Cleveland Indian fan  and the Tribe has been on the war path, winning 14 in a row. They will be going for the club record tonight.
  • LORD willing, I am going to Birmingham this evening to see my first pastor, Bro. Martin Ray. He is 95 years old and sharp as a tack.

Prayer Help

If You Need a Prayer Help: put on your ear phones, bow your head and just listen. God will move, I am sure of it. You do need your ear phones so that everything else is tuned out.


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