More Than Expected


Our Lord, where is the love you have always shown and that you promised so faithfully to David?

~Psalm 89:49, CEV


When you come with your zero, nada, nothing and multiply it to the power of God, you get surprised by exponential joy.

~Clyde S. Lewis

The Jews believed that they were the “Suffering Servant.” The suffering servant was the nation of Israel. They believed David was the chosen one and that God’s promise to him would be a king that ruled the world. This David like king would outsmart and crush all his enemies; he would be a mighty hero; he would make the Jews famous. Israel would always be able to depend on his love, strength and power. His kingdom would be global; He would rule the nations. He would be so blessed and favored that he would be like the son of God, a mighty rock of safety for Israel. Through this David like king God’s love would be perpetuated to all generations and this promise would never be broken. Even if Israel sinned, the promise would be kept due to the faithfulness of this David like king.

When God allowed the Babylonians to invade Judah, destroy the temple and make Israel their slave, the Jews were disappointed and disillusioned. In their hearts, they felt God’s anger and when He didn’t save them, they felt betrayed. They actually believed that God had broken His promise. How else could you explain the disaster that had over taken them. Their enemies were more powerful and instead of ruling nations, they had become a laughing stock among the nations. They saw themselves as victims. Instead of repenting to God, they blamed Him. They refused to acknowledge His holiness or their sin. They considered themselves the “Suffering Servant” due to the scorn and ridicule they faced.

Today, orthodox Jews believe that Isaiah 53 is about them. They believe the NATION is the suffering servant. Everything that they faced: rejection, scorn, God’s wrath, judgement, humiliation and much more, JESUS Himself endured. They read the scripture and see themselves at the righteous servant mistreated by the world; I read the same scriptures and see JESUS. Israel was not and cannot be the SUFFERING SERVANT because Israel is not righteous; JESUS is righteous.

In addition to the point above: think how wonderfully God exceeded all expectations. Ephesians 3:20 comes to mind,
“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to HIM be glory.” God did not break His promise to David; indeed His fulfillment of these promises in JESUS exceed any dream or imagination of the Jewish people. It is JESUS, the righteous One, the David like King who is the Son of God who has broken the power of sin; who is drawing the nations to Himself and will one day rule them. In Christ God did exceedingly more than any human ever imagined.

Think about it: Peter was a Jew and so was Paul, but neither went back to Judaism after encountering Christ. Neither ever said, “Jesus is such a huge disappointment, I think I will look for another David like king.” Matter of fact Paul said twice: Whoever believes in Jesus will not be disappointed.

Another great LORD’s day: we are blessed. Rex and the L team did a great job last night in the praise and worship. He did a couple of new songs that I hadn’t heard and I loved the both.

Some of our friends are hurting and we need to lift them up in prayer.

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