No God!


Fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds; there is no one who does good.

~Psalm 14:1, NRSV


Sin is always folly and the height of folly is atheism.

~Charles H. Spurgeon

The Hebrew wordʼayin is translated into three English words “there is no.” Ayin means to be nothing or not exist; a nonentity; generally used as a negative particle: neither, never, no, none, nor, (any, thing), not, nothing, or nought. As others before me have observed: it could be translated, “The fool [nabal] says in their heart, no [ayin] God.” Obviously there are some who do not believe in deity period. This minority would be true atheist but the greater part of the unbelieving world knows deep down there is a God but their personal response to HIM is “No.” When it comes to acknowledging HIM as Creator, they say “No.” When it comes to thanking HIM for HIS blessing [like the rain], they say “No.” When it comes to repenting of their sins, they say “No.” When it comes to accepting HIS Son’s death as payment for their sin, they say, “No.” When you are in a restaurant and the waitress comes to your table and asks if you want dessert, you may say, “No thanks, I’m good.” This is the world’s response to God.

When you invite someone to church and they say, “no thank you, I don’t need religions;” what they are really saying is, “I don’t need God.” It not that most Americans do not believe in God, they believe but they do not want to commit to His ways. They do not want to live under His law. They want His blessings but not His instructions.

Joe David went back to his original itinerary and he should get back to Atlanta on Thursday evening. I’m thinking his first flight will begin Wednesday morning our time. This will give him time to rest before Sunday. Actually, he is in position to depart but has a 36 hour down time. Once that is up, he will be staying on the move.

There is a lot of suffering in this world. I have encountered some hurting folks this week. The last three weeks have been tough. When my friends and family hurt, I hurt with them.

I will be speaking {Lord willing} to the Southside 39ers today around lunch. Again, if the Lord wills, I will preach at DBC Wednesday night and again Sunday night. Then on the following Sunday, I preach at Mount Zion on July 2, two services and then again at DBC on July 9 {both services}. Matter of fact, I about to study here in a few minutes. I bet I beat you up this morning.

God bless you for reading the blog and I hope you have a great day.

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