One More Night With The Frogs


Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron. He said to them, “Pray to the LORD to take the frogs away from me and my people. Then I’ll let your people go to offer sacrifices to the Lord.”

~Exodus 8:8, NIrV


A true Christian desires to be free of sin, not to sin freely.

~Image Quotes

I am reading through Exodus in the NIrV and yesterday, I read chapter 8. There are some very interesting things going on here and I have more questions than answers. The second plague is the FROGS. After the first plague of the water being turned to blood, Pharaoh didn’t give Moses the time of day, he just turned around and walked back into his palace but on the second plague [frogs], Pharaoh asked Moses to pray. Moses agrees to pray and tells Pharaoh, “You can have the honor of setting the time for me to pray.” I would have said, “Now, pray right now!” But Pharaoh said, “tomorrow.” I think it is Danny Lanier who has the sermon, “One more night with the Frogs.” Pharaoh is a type of the flesh and the flesh does not want to give up sin, even loathsome sin, stinking sin, putrid sin. Would a sane person cling to a rattlesnake? Why do we cling to something so destructive as sin?

So I have some questions for you to ponder:

  1. Why did Pharaoh’s magicians produce more frogs? Should they not have concentrated on reducing the number of frogs rather than creating more. Perhaps the answer is that the devil has no solution for sin, the only thing he can do is manufacture more sin.
  2. Why did Pharaoh want one more night with the frogs? Maybe it is due to man’s nature to procrastinate; especially when it comes to dealing with sin.
  3. Which is worse: live frogs hopping everywhere or piles of dead frogs stinking up the entire country? Sin always brings consequences and even after they are forgiven, some consequences remain.

The answer to the sin problem is not more sin. Let’s face it, the prince of this world and the world system itself do not have a solution to sin. There attempts to make it better always produce more frogs. Sin is a plague, a curse: there is nothing good about sin. Our proper response to sin is to loathe it, to hate it and to turn from it. It is unwise to cling to sin, even for one more day. Pharaoh’s stubborn pride cost him dearly. He stubbornly refused to repent of his sins and everything around him died. First, his son died; then his army died at the Red Sea and he died with them. There is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is the way of destruction.

I don’t have my journal with me right now but I believe on this day in 2000 we had Bro. Jack Freeman’s COLS. It was either the 8th or the 9th. Junior Hill and Mickey Dalrymple did his service. It was at the old Central Baptist building in Downtown Decatur.

We are supposed to have a beautiful day today and then a cold front is coming in: June got excited when she heard the word snow but that will be North of us and it will be flurries or so they say. I wanted it to be warm Sunday but it is supposed to be chilly.

KROGER dropped several items which they had been carrying to make room for their beer and wine. June has been getting my deodorant there but it is discontinued along with egg beaters. What a sad commentary. I wish we could get all the Christians to boycott them for one month; that is all it would take. Several restaurants in Hartselle are refusing to serve alcohol: O’Bryans is one and I think the Freight House is another. We are getting two new restaurants: Zaxby’s and Arby’s. I like both and neither serve booze. Both Zaxby’s and Arby’s will be on 31 North. Arby’s will be on the old Pineview Hospital property.

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