Follow The Cloud


It didn’t matter whether the cloud stayed above the holy tent for two days or a month or a year. The people of Israel would remain in camp. They wouldn’t start out. But when the cloud lifted, they would start out.

~Numbers 9:22, NIrV


Following Jesus is interesting, exciting and challenging: No one can follow Him and expect not to be changed.


God gave the Israelites supernatural manifestations of His presence during their journey through the wilderness. The two that quickly come to mind are: the manna and the shekinah glory cloud. I would love to have seen the cloud. It was a dark cloud by day and a bright cloud by night. It was a cloud of mystery in the day and a cloud of glory in the night. It was very visible, easy for all to see and it had a mind of it’s own. The cloud would hover over and sometimes envelop the Tabernacle [Holy Tent]. It would stay there for days, sometimes months and at other times for only a few hours. When the cloud moved–the Israelites moved. When the cloud stopped, they stopped. 

Most of us would probably like to have a visible manifestation to follow but God provided this help for only a brief time. The Israelites were immature, their faith was not that strong so God gave them a visible manifestation of His presence to guide them. Without doubt the cloud was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It was a glorious cloud but it was also a mysterious cloud. The Israelites never knew what the cloud would do next. God has not given us a cloud, not one of the same kind but He has given us His word, His Son and His Spirit. I’m not saying that following Him is always as simple and easy as it was for the Israelites but it can be done if we have a mind and a spirit to follow.

What is the worse thing a retired man can do? Start a new project when he has two dozen that he has not finished. I did get my yard aerated and reseeded.

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