As they were talking about these things, Jesus himself stood among them, and said to them, “Peace to you!”

~Luke 24:36, ESV


Anxiety does not remove tomorrow’s trouble but it does rob today’s peace.

~Image Quotes


A Jack 4In John’s gospel, Jesus makes three appearances after the resurrection and in all three he greets His followers with the same words, “Peace be unto you.” In Luke, “Peace to you” is the first thing He says. Why was this Jesus main and most repeated theme? Because we humans are subject to fear. After the fall, we became grossly insecure and we struggle with fear, anxiety and doubt. We need constant reassurance. The traumatic ordeal of the cross left the disciples in dark despair. They had locked themselves in an upper room because they were afraid of the world. They saw what it did to Jesus and it terrified them. Their minds were disturbed. They were full of worry, fear, guilt, doubt and despair. This is why Jesus conferred peace upon them, it was what they needed most.

We are not facing anything close to what they experienced but our need for peace is as great as theirs. We don’t know for sure what we would get with Trump but we know what Hillary will do. She will continue to lead us toward socialism. She will appoint liberal pro-death judges making abortion an institution if it is not already. A former pastor of the Clintons told a good friend of mine that Bill was a good old boy but Hillary was evil. The only thing I disagree with is his appraisal of Bill. I’m not going to lie, I think Hillary is the last straw.

Sin carries it’s own judgment or penalty. The wages of sin is death. Hosea told the tribe of Ephraim, “You have sinned by worshiping Baal. You are as good as dead. You use silver to make idols and then you pray to them and offer them human sacrifices. You kiss the gods that look like calves.You idol worship has destroyed your character: you are void of substance so you will vanish like the morning fog, disappear like the dew because you are like straw in the wind or smoke out of a cheminey. You are piling up sin and guilt.”

This is exactly what the United States is doing: we are piling up sin upon sin. Like ice on the wings of a jet, our sin will become so heavy, it will bring us crashing down. Ruth Bell Graham said to her husband many years ago, “If God does not punish America, He will have to appologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” What if Mrs. Graham could see the United States today? We are piling sin upon sin: abortion, homosexuality, sexual perversion, same sex marriage while at the same time we ignore God and disregard His word. Our sports arena’s, bars, beaches and casinos are full but our church houses are empty. In light of my fear of the future, I desperately need God’s peace.



"Hear me Dude"
“Hear me Dude”


With teacher, preacher, conference speaker…

Wade “The Dude” Morris


  • UPDATE on Bill Harrison. They don’t know anymore today than yesterday, still waiting to meet with Thoracic Surgeon tomorrow. He should give them the report on CT scan. Keep praying.
  • UPDATE on Burnetts. I will be meeting Betty and Johnny later this morning to give them the gift cards you so graciously brought to the GATHERING last night. Thank YOU church.
  • SUNDAY SCHEDULE: Deacon’s meeting @ 8:15, Breakfast @ 9:00, LIFE CHANGING BIBLE STUDY @ 9:15, CELEBRATE JESUS in Worship @ 10:15, AWANA and Visitation @ 5:30, Evening Worship @ 6:15.
  • Providentially, I came across a Thomas Kincade painting displaying fall colors so I decided to see if I could find more…this is what I found…enjoy and dream. I put my favorite at the top…I love the mountain cabin. The lights in the window look real.
Autumn At the Mountain Cabin
Autumn At the Mountain Cabin

Camera Setup: "BetterLight 6150 | IR 2mm | NorthLight 900W", Artwork Image: "05323.tif", Artwork Colors: "05323_ref.txt", White Image: "05323_wc.tif", White Colors: "white_card_ref.txt", Yoked Image: "05323_yoked.tif"

Autumn at the Creek

Autumn at Home
Autumn at the Old Mill
Autumn in the Village
Autumn in the Country
Autumn in the Mountains

Wall Paper by Thomas Kinkade

Autumn At the Lake Cottage

Autumn at the Old Home Place
Autumn at the Stream


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  1. You are right brother Jack, and I hope this election turns out right if it doesn’t, we’re in trouble, more than we know now for sure.

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