Root-in, Root-out



For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh; for the willing is present in me, but the doing of the good is not.

~Romans 7:18, NASB


No one can really appreciate God’s grace until they see the depth and darkness of their depravity.



A Jack 4The NASB translates the Greek word οἰκέω as dwell and it is a literal translation. The word means to occupy a house, to reside, to inhabit, to remain, and by implication, to cohabit. It is used only six times in N.T. and four times in Romans 7-8. Twice in chapter 7 it refers to ‘sin dwelling in us’ and twice in chapter 8, it refers to ‘the HOLY SPIRIT dwelling in us.’ With these two living in the same house, there is war and Paul describes this in Galatians 5:17, For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want. [NIV]

There are two schools of thought on this: some believe that the new birth, the indwelling of the Spirit eradicates the old nature; otherwise, they say, we would be a Dr. Jekle and Mr. Hyde. These folks attempt to live mind over matter. They tell themselves daily that the old nature is dead and gone. Potentially he is but practically, the old man is still very much alive because sin is rooted deep into our flesh. Sanctification is the process by which God roots sin out but the final step in the process in our glorification which comes with physical death or the coming of Christ.

Niel Anderson is the modern proponent of this theology but it is as old as the hills. It is very simuilar to what Holiness believe which is living above sin. A pastor friend who is an Anderson disciple got into a heated argument with me about this very subject. Right in the heat of the debate, I stopped him and said, “What you are doing just now proves that I am right.”  He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “I mean you are arguing and that is a work of the flesh, is it not.” He did stop arguing but he did not confess his error. I think we both agreed to change the subject.

I have one major problem with the theology of our friends who live above sin, they all sin. Years ago, we had a next door neighbor who lived above sin. We invited her more than once to share special days with us like Thanksgiving and Christmas by going to worship with us but she always declined. I got the idea she didn’t want to congregate with sinners {Baptist}. A fews years later, she left her husband for a man ten years younger but even then, she didn’t consider herself a sinner. Bob Harrington said, “The only way to live above sin is rent an upstairs room over a honky-tonk.” I have never known a person who I thought lived above sin. I have met quite a few who live a much holier life than myself but no one is perfect.

Adrian Rogers is considered the greatest pulpiteer of our time. He was a brilliant man and I personally never heard him preach a bad sermon. I attended a Evangelism Conference back in the 70’s and he was the keynote speaker. He had a slip of the tongue and said, “A tree swerved off the road and hit a car.” The audience erupted with laughter and he had no idea what he had done nor why we were laughing. It offened him deeply. When it came his time to speak in the next session, he lashed out at the congregation. I sat there is shock thinking: he is a sinner just like the rest of us. I also ordered tapes of his sermons and I heard him say on tape, “Lady, get that crying baby out of here, that is why we have a nursery.” My blood chilled when I heard it on tape. Big church, TV ministry, tape ministry, I don’t care what the excuse– what he did and what he said was not Christ like. My point is this: the best of us sin.

I don’t represent the best of us; I don’t sin occassionally, I sin daily. I do things that I hate. I literally hate my sin. I don’t know anything good to say about it but it is rooted in my flesh and I battle this ugly monster every day. If Christians down have a sinful nature then I am not a Christian. If it were not for Jesus and grace, sin would have me in despair but I have hope and my hope is in Jesus. He lived a perfect life in my behalf and someday He will free me from this body of sin and raise me incorruptable. What a day that will be when HIS glory is revealed in me.




November 6-9

With Evangelist, Author, Theologian, Teacher…Wade Morris



  • Solomon said, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” How true this is: Johnny and Betty Burnett went to bed last night in their beautiful home on Rock Springs road but we roused during the early morning hours by a power failure. When they got up to check, the house was on fire. They lost everything except their life. We do thank God for their survival. Joe David is with the family now giving them some immediate assistance. They lost everything but the clothes they were wearing.
  • Bill Harrison Update: Dr. Gamboa said the path showed that Bill has stage 1 cancer. They did a CT scan yesterday evening and when he reads the scan, he will meet with Bill and Cassie and discuss Thoracic surgery. They caught the cancer early. Cassie’s major concern: The Thoracic surgery is a major ordeal: more complicated than heart by-pass and the recovery path is long and hard. Cassie is praying they will be able to treat it with chemo or radiation.
  • In keeping with today’s blog: I got a reprimand last night from my oldest daughter. She says I am too hard on Holly. Then I got another one when I got to the office. It comes under the heading of an attitude ajustment. Then another mild one by phone just a few minutes ago. I deserved them all. Perhaps I need another mini-vacation.
  • To day we visit the State of Maine…June and I visited Maine in September of 1996. We went one month too early. Everyone there told us to come back in October. It is a beautiful State. The trip was a gift from DBC. Edward T. provided the air fair.
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Jenne's Farm with trees in autumn colours.
Jenne’s Farm with trees in autumn colours.
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