Perception Is Reality, Not!


“It’s my son’s robe! A wild animal has eaten him up. Joseph must have been torn to pieces.” Jacob tore his clothes. He put on black clothes. Then he sobbed over his son for many days. All of Jacob’s other sons and daughters came to comfort him. But they weren’t able to.
Genesis 37:34-35, NIrV


“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
~ Albert Einstein

When I talk about reality, I speak of things that actually exist; things that are real. For be it for me to correct Einstein but our perception of reality is the illusion and I agree, it is a very persistent one. The universe is governed by moral absolutes and spiritual laws. There a huge difference between perception and reality. Jacob perceived that Joseph was dead. He accepted it as a fact and lived for 20 years in deep mourning. No one could comfort Jacob. The reality was quite different from Jacob’s perception; Joseph was very much alive. He was not only alive, he had become the Prime Minister of Egypt. Jacob’s grief was for nothing: he wasted his sorrow.

We are living in a culture that is anti-Christ. I don’t expect to hear the truth when I turn on a TV. This world system is in rebellion against God. They refuse to acknowledge Him as God and they do not give Him glory. The movement is orchestrated by the master of propaganda and he believes a lie told often enough and convincing enough will eventually become a substitute for reality or truth. The devil conned Eve in to believing his lie over God’s truth. We see this lie being practiced at every level: in the class room and in the court room. June and I watched Chicago Justice last night and one lawyer said to the other, “the truth is irrelevant, I am more concerned with perception. It is was the jury perceives that counts: truth has nothing to do with it.” 

A father who was a businessman raised his son to scheme, connieve, deceive, do whatever necessary to prosper in business. The young man grew up idolizing his father. He got married and started a family but he was using the same tactics at home that he used at the office. In no time, his marriage fell a part. His dad pulled him aside to rebuke him. After the rebuke the boy said, “But dad, you’ve always said, ‘perception is reality.'” The dad said, “That is at work son, at home it is different. That philosophy will not work with family.” It doesn’t work with anyone you love and respect: tell the truth. You will be glad you did in the long run.


Allen Hopkins had surgery in Birmingham. Delois Poole was in Huntsville Hospital. I drove 278 miles visiting hospitals in Birmingham, Huntsville and Decatur. It was a 15 hour day.
Beautiful day yesteday. I love these warm sunny days. I woke up determined to get some things done and we did, PTL. Vellene Tanner has missed two weeks in a row but she is much better. She went shopping yesterday for a new washer and dryer. I went to see my old friend Marc Crowe and I met his daughter Mandy. It made my day. Marc was much improved. The last time I saw him, he looked really bad but he has perked up. June and I took Chloe Bug to Ollie’s Bargin Outlet: she loved it–wanted everything she saw. Sunday is our cheat day but I extended it this week. I cheated Sunday night [ate a pizza] and yesterday [Big Mac]. I went for two months without either. I enjoyed both. Tuesday is a work day at E-Tech but due to rain and a bad back; I think I will take off.

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