Putting The Wicked To Silence


Every morning I will put to silence all the wicked of the land.

~Psalms 101:8, NIV


Evil people rely on the acquiescence of naive people to allow them to continue with their evil.

~Stuart Aken

Considering all his accomplishments, David has to be considered the greatest of all the kings of Israel. Keep in mind, he did have a lot of competition. David certainly wrote some great Psalms and I believe he had good intentions. I think Psalm 101 bears this out. Note the list of David’s intention is this Psalm.

~I will raise a Psalm to You, LORD.

~I will lead a wise and blameless life.

~I will not set before my eyes any shameful thing.

~I will banish all crooked thoughts and have no dealings with evil.

~I will silence those who slander for I cannot endure their arrogance.

~I will choose my companions from the faithful.

~I will not allow treachery in my house.

~I will put to silence all the wicked.

Most of these are realistic goals for a king but putting to silence the voice of the wicked and squelching the slander of the wicked are not realistic goals even if you hold the highest office in the land. Fake news has reached an all time low. They have been fabricating since the inception of TV but it is getting worse. Without slander, the media would have nothing to say. All they do 24/7 is slander the president. They have not reported any real news since Trump took office. I know that David was sincere, he wanted to silence the wicked but no mere human has that power. This is why we should pray daily for God to silence the voice of the wicked. I don’t ask God to throw anyone into hell or even prison but I do asks Him to silence the voice of the wicked. I am sick and tired of the lies.

Unfortunately, the wicked understand the power of a lie and they have no intention of abandoning their strategy. They used the lie to destroy Judge Moore’s campaign. Whether he belonged in Washington or not is beside the point, the democrats started a lie, malicious slander, to take the seat. You watch, just get ready, they will try something similar with Tuberville. It’s no wonder good people don’t want to run for office: they know the democrats will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who opposes them. They have a distinct advantage because they don’t stand for anything and Republicans do at least make a pretense to be honorable. Example: how could you slander Bill Clinton? What are you going to do, start a rumor about him and a woman that he slept with 50 years ago. The whole world knows the man is a whore monger. What about attacking him for lying? That will not work either, the whole world knows he is a pathological liar and so is Hillary. The media knew, they had video evidence that Hillary lied and they did nothing because is okay for democrats to lie.

To survive as a Republican you have to tell the truth, be faithful to your wife, pay all your taxes, serve in the military but you can be anything and be a democrat. You can be queer, a womanizer, convicted felon or even dead. Hey, dead democrats still vote. There are no standards for a democrat; you don’t even have to be a naturalized citizen. They don’t care if you are a Muslim loving communist from Kenya. I can’t silence this lying horde but God can and eventually He will silence us all. Trust me, when Jesus shows up, everyone will shut up. I have no doubt about it.

Weather forecast does not look good: we have ten days of extreme heat but the good news is–Fall is coming. I was flipping channels last night and I came across and NFL game {I was looking for a college game} and it was Chicago and Green Bay. I couldn’t find Haha in the Green Bay secondary but heard them call out Eddie Jackson’s name for Chicago. I got on the computer: Haha and Eddie are the safeties for the Bears. Alabama has 69 players in the NFL, more than any other college. Only four teams in the NFL are without former Bama players.

This one is called…In Your Face

Get out of my face Kenny…
Kenny…Do you think this will fit coach?…Coach…What to heck makes you think I care!

Pray for Tracey B. and Lilly G.

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