Read The Instructions


You made me; you created me. Now give me the sense to follow your commands.

~Psalm 119:73, NLT


When all else fails, read the instructions.

~Agnes Allen

The tenth stanza of Psalm 119 is the Hebrew letter ‘yodh’ and the subject has not changed, nor will it–we are still thinking about the WORD OF GOD. Led by the Spirit of God, the author wrote this long Psalm to convince us to make knowing and obeying the word of God the most important thing in our lives. The bible is the only book that tells us where we came from, why we are here, what we are and where we are going. The bible not only reveals past history, it reveals present reality. It is a spiritual mirror that reveals our present condition. Life can be very difficult at times. During the dark days of life, the bible reassuresĀ us of God’s love and this gives us hope. It also reveals promise after promise giving us something in which to look forward. The bible is also our sword during conflict with the devil: it give us the edge over our diabolical enemy. But whether the days are good or bad, we still need the instructions for life that are found in the bible. Those who allow scripture to be their guide are happier and more fulfilled. They are content with what they have; they are thankful. They understand grace and bestow it on others. They are full of hope, optimism, joy and encouragement. The Psalmist longed to hang out with bible believers. We have all met folks who dislike church, the bible, preachers and anything related to Christ. They are not fun people to hang out with, are they? They are bitter, cynical people and we are much more pleased when the leave than we they arrive.

A part of growing up and older is to come to realization that we need help. When I was a young man, I disregarded the instructions. I would look at the picture on the box and say to myself, “I can do this,” and off I would go. I usually managed to get the thing assembled but I would end up with extra washers and parts. Later, I would discover that these parts were important. Whoever made the thing, wrote the instructions for a reason; they knew each part was necessary. Now that I am old, things have changed dramatically. June wanted a new front door [storm door]. I put up the last one but I didn’t do it right. I left off a piece that kept the door from being air tight. By the time I realized what I had done, I had misplaced the missing piece. I tried to hire someone to put the new door up but couldn’t find anyone who had the time. I ordered a very good door: it was not cheap. I opened the crate, laid the door on the saw horses, as the instructions said and then began reading the instructions. After studying them for quite a while, I was confused and a little unsure of myself so I called Cory and he and Carl came out for about 30 minutes. Cory took one look at the instructions and within 30 minutes, we had the door hung. I was amazed. It did take me another hour or so to do the rest, but the most critical part was hanging the door.

Here is my point: a lot of people resent bible commentaries, preachers and teachers but they are the ones that God has given us to help us understand the instructions. Not only do we need instructions, we need help understanding the instructions. We have a guy in our LCBS class who will not take a book {LifeWay Curriculum}. He says, “He doesn’t need it and it is just a man’s opinion.” He is not alone in his thinking. I have known lots of people who agree but for me, commentaries and Sunday School books are a help. Take day before yesterday for example: I read my eight verse in Psalm 119 in two translations; then I picked up Dr. Wiersbe’s commentary. Sparks began flying left and right. When I went back and read the Psalm, it came alive.

Stopping and calling Cory for help was the most intelligent thing I did all day. He has more experience and a brighter mind. The instructions were Greek to me but he figured them out in no time. God simply gave me the sense to callĀ someone with more sense. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. God has gifted some with more understanding than others. Personally, I am thankful these people are available. Thank God for Dr. Wiersbe and Cory.

  • Deeply disappointed in George W. Bush for his negative comments about Trump. Not shocked by Obama rhetoric. He is stirring the pot, he wants a revolution. He is a fool. He just thinks he wants a revolution. I was going to share a clip of the Bush speech but it is 16 minutes long. I lost respect for Bush when he refused to go to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. He didn’t want to offend Obama.
  • Well folks, it is time to trust the LORD. We got all our flyers out just before dark last night and now we will see who shows up this evening at 4:00. I do have a couple of neighbors helping me which was a huge encouragement. Eddie, Sue and Granny are coming. Some of Holly’s friends are coming. I hope we have a good turn out or my bunch will be eating hamburgers for awhile. We have some great prizes including a 32 inch Vizio TV and a leaf blower from Garnett Lawn Equipment.
  • Every fall seems to speed up, this one is going by like a blur. High School football is about over and College is half way…Unbelievable! I don’t guess I will be watching any football today and I have watched more this year than normal. It is fun being retired!

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