When and How Long?


My eyes are straining to see your promises come true. When will you comfort me?….How long must I wait? When will you punish those who persecute me? 
~Psalm 119:82-84, NLT


Your Father in heaven loves you too much to harm you, and He is too wise to make a mistake.
~Robert T. Ketcham
The main theme of the eleventh stanza [v.81-88] is God’s ability to sustain us through difficult times. The Psalmist felt weak and dried up like a wineskin that has shriveled up from smoke. He longs for the Lord to save him from his difficult circumstances. He could endure the persecution only because God’s word gave him hope. He is anxiously looking forward to God fulfilling His promises. We do not know the details, but the Psalmist is enduring some type of persecution that involves being slandered by his enemies. It is difficult to wait for things when we can see them, like a traffic light or jam but it is more difficult to wait for things that we cannot see. When and how long are questions we asks when we are under heavy fire. We have to remember that God has his eye on the clock and the thermostat: He know how long and how much we can endure. We have to trust His wisdom and His timing.
  • Pray for Larry Garner. He had a rough weekend and he goes to the doctor today.
  • The song we sang last night said, “Every blessing He pours out on me, I turn back to praise,” and I certainly have a lot to praise Him for. We had between 70-80 at the Block Party, the weather was perfect and the LORD enabled me to share the gospel so I am thankful. Yesterday was a great day for me because I was thankful for what God did on Saturday.
  • STEW this Wednesday night and I will have to check with Mandy on the starting time.
  • TRAIL-A-TREAT this Sunday evening and again, I will have to get a time. I am not sure what the times are for either event.
  • I do what to thank those who helped me with the BLOCK PARTY. Big Mama and the kids were a lot of help. Mary Terry and Debbie Vest also helped and so did Eddie and Sue. RaJane Hampton helped Holly with registration and Katie allows us to borrow her jumping jack. Earl Vest and Johnny Burnett helped with the cooking. Thank you one and all.
  • Yes, I want to thank the LORD for the rain.
  • We also thank the Deacons for carrying us out to eat last night. Actually, they carried Joe David and Family out and allows us to tag along. October is Pastor Appreciation Month. We have a good one and we need to appreciate him. That was an excellent sermon yesterday morning.
  • There are two people we need to pray for every day: Our Pastor and our President. Both are under more pressure than you can realize. The president is under more than I can realize.

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