Sin and Judgment


When He burned with anger, He took away Israel’s power. He pulled back His powerful right hand as the enemy approached. His burning anger blazed out in Jacob’s land. It burned up everything that was near it.

~Lamentations 2:3, NIRV


Sin is the most destructive force in the universe and it carries it’s own judgment.


I’ve been in Luke 15 for over a month and the central theme of Luke 15 is that God loves sinners. Jesus gave His life for sinners like myself and the Apostle Paul who claimed for himself the title “Chief of Sinners.” Sin is highly destructive. This is why God warned Adam not to partake of the fruit. God is not out to destroy anyone. He is not the enemy, Satan and sin are the enemy. God did not destroy Jerusalem, He simply withdrew His protection and the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem. It is not God’s will that we perish but that all turn to Christ in repentance and faith. Simply stated, if we do not turn away from our sins, our sins will destroy us. Jesus came to save us from sins destructive power.

America is not free because we are more intelligent than the rest of the world. Personally, I rank us fifth in that area. We are not free because we outnumber everyone else, China has that distinction wrapped up. We certainly aren’t free because we are better than everyone else because we are not. I believe we are free because of the providence and grace of God. If God withdraws His protection, sin will destroy us just like it has every other nation in the history of the world. Read the book of Deuteronomy: God used the same principle in dealing with the sinful Canaanites, He withdrew His protection. He told Moses, they will not be able to stand against you, I have already put dread and fear in their hearts. The Canaanites were doing evil things in their worship, they were sacrificing babies in their altar fires {Deut. 12:31}. The LORD instructed Moses to mark them for destruction. Pray for REVIVAL IN AMERICA. Pray for God to show us more mercy and not withdraw His divine protection. Without His protection, sin and evil will destroy us. I have absolutely no doubt about the validity of this prediction.

  • I pulled into Southern Hickory and the lady at the window said, “How do you like retirement?” I said, “I don’t know. I have two more weeks and then I will be moving from one job to two.” I will tell you one thing: this sub 32* weather with 20 MPH wind is hard on an old man. I intended to start on my book shelves but I have to cut outside and it was 3:00 pm before I got to that phase. I decided to wait for better weather today. So much for Global warming!
  • June and I feel super-blessed. The cards keep coming and so do the kind words. Kind words mean a lot to old preachers. If you don’t have money this Christmas, don’t worry about it, give a gift of KINDNESS. You can do it with a word, a call, a text or a letter. Your only cost will be time and love.
  • Doug called yesterday morning while I was at the office: he didn’t open his envelop until breakfast. He told Mrs. Seaver that he had a good time and that we gave him a gift. She said, “What did they give you?” He said, “I don’t know, I just stuck it in my pocket.” So Doug did what I always do…he handed the envelop to his mom {for me, it is to June}. Doug said when she opened it, her eyes lit up and her mouth fell open, she was speechless. Way to go DBC…You made Doug and his mom’s day brighter. Mrs. Seaver will be 98 on December 26. I will be carrying her some fried peach pies for her birthday {Lord willing}. Doug wants me to relay his thanks to you for your generosity. He told me to tell you how unique your are and how much he enjoyed the concert.
  • Yesterday evening, Donald Trump became officially the 45 president elect of the USA with the Electoral College casting 305 votes in his favor. This is despite the cry baby whining liberals spending millions to lobby the Electors. They used every form of pressure imaginable and none of it worked. There are not many things I enjoy more than hearing liberals whine. They need to grow up, get a job, start paying taxes and become responsible citizens. They shun taxes, the military and all other forms of civic responsibility. I’m so thankful they can officially be labeled “losers”. 
  • Interesting: Instead of Trump losing Electors, Hillary lost four herself. Three electors in Washington voted for Colin Power {another loser} and one voted for Spotted Eagle {a native American}. We still need REVIVAL but it is refreshing to see the country make a more intelligent decision than previous. At least we have a tiny ray of hope but our hope is not in Trump and certainly not in the Republicans who betrayed him. Our hope is in JESUS!
Slick Willy, giving thanks that Hillary was defeated. {A little satire}

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