Spiritual Aerodynamics


Through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.

~Romans 8:2, NIV


Jesus deserved life and got death: we deserve death and yet by His grace, we get life.

~Ya’akov {Concept from Keller}

Paul mentions two laws in Romans 8:2, [1] The Law of the Spirit and the [2] Law of sin and death. Both laws carry great force but which is the greater of the two? We have a natural law called gravity. Due to the law of gravity, I can not fly under normal conditions but thanks to modern technology, I can defy the law of gravity. We call this greater law aerodynamics. The four forces of aerodynamics are liftthrustdrag, and weight. As a Frisbee flies through the air, lift holds it up. You gave the Frisbee thrust with your arm. Drag from the air made the Frisbee slow down and weight will eventually bring it back to the earth. So under the natural law of gravity, a man cannot fly for any duration of time. You can shoot him out of a cannon and he will fly for a couple of seconds but there is too much drag and weight for man to fly. Unless…there is an exception….he boards a plane. Once he is inside the aircraft; he can take a seat. The machine will do the flying for him. Thus we talk about flying here and there but it is not really you and I flying under our own power. We can fly only because the law of aerodynamics trumps the law of gravity.

Jesus is the plane which is why the law of Spirit can override the law of sin and death. You and I could never overcome either sin nor death. But when we board our transport {Jesus}, He does the flying for us. It is called grace. In Christ we overcome sin, flesh, world, devil and death thus the law of the Spirit triumphs over the law of sin and death.

Catherine Booth, known as the Mother of the SALVATION ARMY lived the life of a hyper-nike {overcomer}. It was said of her, “She didn’t endure storms, she road on the storm. She kept the storm under her and used its massive energy to inspire and push her to the next level.” Wow, what a testimony! I guess you could say there are two kinds of people: those who OVERCOME and those who get overcome. Be a hyper-nike. Be more than a conqueror: be an overcomer. Christ can make you one but you cannot over come sin and death without HIM. Wow! He is a wonderful Savior!

You may find it hard to believe but we actually needed some rain. The cold weather we could have done without. Had some errands to run this morning and I listened to Rick and Bubba. They think Granny Ivy is too set in her ways and too old to be our governor: I agree. They also pointed out the difference between dying with Covid-19 and dying of {because} of Covid-19. The powers that be are pressuring Hospitals and doctors to say that all people who die with Covid-19 have died because of Covid-19 and this is not true. A lot of older men die every year with prostate cancer but not because of it. This tells me the Department of Health has an agenda, a political agenda. I am not saying the Covid-19 is a complete hoax; what I am saying is that it is being used by the left to injure the economy. I am telling you folks, it is anti-Trump.

Got to run…Need to study…hopefully the rain will keep me penned in…Have a great day and weekend.

By the way, I highly recommend Timothy Keller’s devotional on Proverbs and also the book of Romans in the Message.

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