Starving Children


I’ve cried so much I can’t see very well. I’m suffering deep down inside. My heart is broken because my people are destroyed. Children and babies are fainting in the streets of the city. They say to their mothers, “Where can we find something to eat and drink?” They faint like wounded soldiers in the streets of the city. Their lives are slipping away in their mothers’ arms.
~Lamentations 2:11-12


Sin not only brings destruction, it brings horror!
I have never seen a starving child but that doesn’t mean there are none. My father was in the infantry during WWII. He spent 8 months on the front line and then a few in the mess tent. He was reassigned due to poor circulation in his legs. He served in the mess tent till the war ended. While working KP in the mess tent he saw little children rummaging throw the garbage looking for food. WWII produced a lot of orphans. This image of starving children was burned deeply into Daddy’s hard drive. It was an image he was never able to delete or erase. My daddy was anything but strict but there were a couple of things he did not tolerate: wasting food or complaining about what you had to eat. If you did either, he went ballistic. Trust me, you didn’t want to violate either rule or you would get the WWII story of the starving children.
Of course I was a kid myself and figured he was exaggerating a bit. I didn’t realize until I was grown that Daddy witnessed a horror that I knew nothing about. No, I have not seen a child starve and don’t want to. When I read today’s text, I thought about all those precious kids on the stage Sunday night and how horrible it would be if we couldn’t give them something to eat. Jeremiah saw things worse than WWII. He saw babies literally dying in their mother’s arms but there was nothing to eat. I always had a tough time when our kids wanted to stop at McDonald’s and me with no money. Of course we have never been on the brink of starvation.
I do have a little story along that line. I did something very stupid my second year out of seminary. I bought a new car, one that I could not afford. The monthly payment was more than my weekly salary and that is not good. We would ride to town in our new car and Hannah would spot those golden arches every time. She would start crying for a “shoe-fry” [french fry] and of course I had no money. The new car got 11 miles to a gallon was sapping us. It tore me up not to be able to get my baby those fries. I told a friend about the mess I was in and he shared it with some men at work. One of them was looking for a big car {Impala}. He came by the house and looked at the car. I told him the truth. I said, “It is like new because we can’t afford to drive it. It gets only 11 or 12 miles per gallon.” He said, “Son, I like it.” I quickly told him I would make the next payment if he would take it. He graciously said, “No, I have a better offer, I am going to reimburse you for last months payment.” He and I went straight to the bank, he paid the car off in cash and then gave me $130 dollars. We got into our $300 VW, black with a green hood, and went to McDonald’s to celebrate. It did teach me a lesson. I had rather ride in clunkers and be able to stop at McDonald’s than to have a new car and be broke. On that note: I thank God for blessing June and I over the years. Our grand kids think we are rich. They have never heard the word “No” when it comes to stopping at McDonald’s.
  • I love this weather. I can live with 50*.
  • Big night last night. Kelvin Callahan invited June and I to his E-Tech Christmas Party and we loved it. Kelvin has given me a part time job which is an answer to prayer. We played BINGO after supper and June and Joe David both won twice while Lori, myself and Mr. Shaneyfelt did not win a time. I thought sure June would offer me one of her prizes since she won twice but I was wrong. I drank four glasses of Tea with caffeine. I will be up for two days. 
  • GATHERING TONIGHT @ 6:30. My last Wednesday night sermon.
  • I’ve already given some things over to Joe David. He said yesterday that there will be no Deacon’s meeting this Sunday. We will begin at 9:00 with Biscuits and donuts.
  • Mrs. Jewel Roberts had a birthday on Monday [December 12]. So did Josie, Ty, Ryder and the Thompson twins, Ron and Don. Mrs. Jewel was 69. She has been sick but feeling better.
  • June ran into Carol Hill at Kroger’s and she said that Junior loved the DIGEST. Lets keep praying for Junior, he is making improvement.
  • Having lunch with Charlie Thompson today.
  • Trivia question: This man grew up an avid Alabama fan, you can not pay if to wear Auburn apparel but now is an avid Auburn fan. I will give you two hints: [1] He is a member of DBC [2] He likes Dodge Trucks.
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