The Enemies Curse


Cut his life short and let someone else have his job.

~Psalms 109:8, CEV


The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.

~George Orwell

The world a part from Christ believes in the power of the lie. Hitler believed that a lie told often enough would eventually be believed. He believed in propaganda and so does the left. They pretend to have disdain for Hitler but they practice his very teachings on the power of the lie. They are convinced beyond doubt that they will bring Trump down by repeating lies about him. They used the lie against Judge Moore; actually, they use the lie in every campaign. How many times have they used the Social Security scare? They plant the doubt with the first lie and then they feed it with a barage of lies, one after the other. King David and Trump have a lot in common: both were hated and both suffered from propaganda. David said, “Destructive and deceitful lies are told about me, and hateful things are said for no reason.” His enemies were trying to find some worthless fool who would accuse the king of wrongdoing: their hope was to remove David from office. The verse above….“Cut his life short and let someone else have his job,” is a quote from David’s enemies. They hated the king and they wanted him removed from office. Below is a summary of the curse they put on David:

  • Make orphans of his children.
  • Make his children beg for food.
  • Let his creditor foreclose and take all he owns.
  • Bring and end to his family.
  • Let his name be forgotten.
  • Put a curse on him and the curse strike deep to the bone.
  • Let these curses cover him like clothes.

Just words right? Stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Sounds good but not true. Proverbs 25:18 reads, Telling lies about others is as harmful as hitting them with an ax, wounding them with a sword, or shooting them with a sharp arrow. Would you actually thrust a sword into someone’s heart: this is exactly what we do when we slander another person. It is called character assassination and it is equivalent to murder. The left does not believe in judgment or accountability. They believe that they lies will not come back to haunt them: they are wrong. At the very core of evil is a seed of destruction. The very damnation they intended for others will come back on their head.

By the way, three thousand years later and David is a household name but all of his enemies have been forgotten. We don’t even know their names.

I heard a great story at Brian Vaughn’s mom’s COLS and my telling it is not the same as being their: between my laughing and my stomach growling, I’m sure Garret’s girlfriend had second thoughts about sitting beside me. The last preacher {they had three} had grown up with Brian and spent the night at their house often. Brian’s Mom worked nights so he and his friend were there alone sleeping in the same bed. The preacher said they were 21 but he was using the hyperbole: in other words, he lied but he vows that the rest of the story is true. He and Brian were too big for one bed and so he gets up and goes to the mother’s bed room because she is at work. He crawls in the bed and goes sound of sleep. She got off early for some reason and came home in the middle of the night, she climbs in bed without turning on a light and she is startled when she bumps in to Brian’s buddy. She hollows and wakes him up; he too is startled. He begins apologizing and says “I will go to the couch.” She said, “Lay back down and go to sleep, the beg is bigger enough for both of us but keep your hands to yourself.” So help me Hannah, I did not make this up.

LORD willing, I will be officiating the Jimmy Lennox COLS this morning. Jimmy was a hard worker and a good man. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better man than Jimmy. He is loved by Grace Point. Please pray for me that God will use me to encourage this sweet family.

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