The Flood Tide Of Evil


Save me, God! I am about to drownI am sinking deep in the mud, and my feet are slippingI am about to be swept under by a mighty flood.

~Psalms 69:1-2, CEV


Sin shrugs at God. Its essence is failing to believe not that He exist but that He matters.

~Timothy Keller

Sin or evil does not take God seriously. As Keller stated, it is not that they fail to acknowledge God, they simply have no respect, no fear of God. Their thinking is, “What is He going to do?” Obviously, they are convinced that He is a do nothing God. You would think that a king like David would be problem free but in Psalm 69 David feels like he is drowning in wave after wave of evil. He feels the constant bashing of hate. He said, “I am hated by more people than their are hairs on my head.” He feels the terrible weight of his own sin and guilt. His sins, which at one time seemed to be not so bad, now seem very foolish. The waves of regret are slapping him in the face daily. His fear of embarrassing other believers weighs heavy on his mind and he is fighting back the doubt–has his sins caused others to stumble? To make bad matters worse, he is surrounded by servants, family members and civil servants and yet he is lonely because none of them understand what’s going on in David’s life. David was insulted, mocked and disgraced by his enemies and he was drowning in despair. He hoped for mercy and pity but there was none. No one gave him any sympathy because no one understood what was going on in his life or else they were too preoccupied with their own problems to give him an ear or else they just didn’t really care. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are, the end result is the same.

Nothing has changed: Like the waves of the ocean, evil is relentless. Wave after wave comes bashing in: some with greater force than others. We were hit with a marijuana epidemic in the 60’s, the homosexuals came out of the closets in the late 60’s early 70’s, then abortion hit us in 73, then Jimmy Carter in 76. Still most of us never dreamed that homosexuality would actually be promoted by government, education, Hollywood, TV and the media. We never dreamed we would live to see the day that a president would sanction same-sex marriage or see businesses penalized for not supporting gay marriage or abortion on demand. We’ve been hit by one evil after the other. It would be easy to join David, to get stuck in the mud of self-pity or the quagmire of regret. But there are a couple of things we need to remember: First, God’s hates evil more than we do and He demands justice. Evil may be having a hay day at the time but it also has a court day. Evil will never triumph over God. Ultimately the wrong will fail and the right will prevail, not the left. Secondly: we must not allow evil to influence us. The spirit of compromise is in the air: why don’t we just give in and get along. Is it really necessary to take a stand against evil, to fight it tooth and nail? As a man told me several years ago, “A little drinking, cussing and adultery never hurt anyone.” If we are not careful, we will shrug at sin. We will lose our respect for God and fear of His wrath on sin. Don’t allow this sin cursed world press you into their mold.

If you listened to the sermon by Voddie Bauchman I posted a few days ago, you were bound to notice that he has enlarged the acronym LBGT to LBGTQA+. Lesbians, bi-sexuals, gays, transgenders, queers, allies and the plus is to keep anyone from getting offended who feels left out. Allies are people like Jimmy Carter who condone all the above. The three phases of brain washing are [1] desensitizing, [2] jamming, and [3] conversion. The jamming is what you see on the Zales commercials and almost all of TV programs. They are putting gays, lesbians and the whole lot into almost every program. They are desensitizing you: not me, I will not watch them. You keep making fun of me for being a homophobe but you are being desensitized and don’t even know it.

I do love this weather. I can handle a few more days like yesterday. Got to rise early in the morning–donuts for Grand dads, are you kidding? At 6:30 a.m.? What about 9:30 a.m.? Who’s idea was this? I bet this is Mandy’s idea.

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