The Infinite Immutable Word


Your eternal word, O LORD, stands firm in heaven.

~Psalm 119:89, NLT


Though born in eternity past, God’s infallible word is rooted in history and speaks to every generation that will listen.

~Warren W. Wiersbe

Stanza 12 begins with the Hebrew letter lamedh. It begins with a strong statement about the word of God. The word is fixed in heaven. It is established and it stands firm. It is the eternal, unchanging word and it cannot be destroyed. The devil has been trying to exterminate the Jews since their conception in Egypt and he has also be attacking the word of God since the Garden of Eden. He uses atheist, agnostics, philosophers, scientist and educators to cast doubt on the word; he uses false teachers to pervert the word but the word is fixed in heaven and there is nothing he can do about it. Verse 89 in the NASB reads, Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven. Every thing around us is in a state of change or decay except for the word of God. There is no book like the bible; it is God’s inspired revelation of Himself to man. It is a unique book that contains life and light; it comforts, it convicts and it guides. The amazing thing about the bible, it never changes. I wish I could find my old 7th grade science book; it would be hoot to read. Practically everything they taught us was wrong. If you tried to use it in the class room today, you would be a laughing stock. They have to revise science books because we keep making new discoveries but the bible has never changed, not even once. No other book could stand up under that kind of scrutiny.

I like verse 93, “For all things are Your servants.” This goes hand in glove with the study in Jonah. God used the tempest, the fish, the plant, the worm and the wind. He even used Jonah, bad attitude and all. God uses whomever, whenever and however He pleases. Verse 96 is also interesting: man has his limits but God knows no limits: anything is possible with God.

Some years ago I meet a priest at the abortion clinic in Huntsville and he had his crucifix that he held with his hand when he prayed. He and I got to talking about the sacraments and the difference between Baptist and others. I said, “I don’t guess we Baptist have any sacraments,” [visible manifestation to remind us of our inward commitment]. He said, “Oh yes you do, the Bible is a sacrament to Baptist.” It is a physical object that we hold in our hand. Technically, he is right but I have no problem with the bible being my sacrament. We don’t worship the Bible but we do worship its author.

  • The Stew will be from 5:30-7:00 in the FORTE. You can bring crackers, a drink or a dessert.
  • TRAIL-A-TREAT will also be 5:30-7:00
  • GOLDEN GIRLS is November 11 at our place {1120 Ironman Road} at 9:00
  • SENIOR ADULT CHRISTMAS BRUNCH is December 8 at 9:30 in the Parlor. 
  • For weeks, my conscience has bugged me about my logo which was the image of Jesus from the movie THE PASSION OF CHRIST. Although I personally was very pleased with the image, I do realize it is not Jesus. I would say that it is unfortunate that we do not have a picture of Jesus but this may be as God intended. Any way, we are making a change and hopefully, our conscience will be at peace.
  • Last night was the Morgan County Baptist Association Annual Meeting and I missed it; first one in 38 years except for the year I was in Romania. It is great to be retired. Hey, I’m still tired from the Block Party. I crashed last night or yesterday evening actually.
  • Big Mama says cool weather is coming. T is predicting snow this weekend. They say we are going to get a hard frost and that creates no anxiety for me. 
  • Larry Garner got some much needed fluids yesterday and he is feeling a little better but keep praying.

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