The Law Of Prayer



“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”

~Matthew 7:7, NLT


We must remember that the shortest distance between our problems and their solutions is the distance between our knees and the floor..

~Charles Stanley


BJ and CChloe, our four year old, may grow up to be a professional beggar. Holly got it all started when she was a couple of years old; she would tell Chloe to ask Grand Daddy or Big Mama for this or that and Chloe caught on quickly. She not only petitions her grand parents, she hits on aunts, uncles, cousins, Charlene and total strangers. When she finds something she wants, she takes the I-pad or phone to you and says, “Will you buy me this?” She did this to Lexi a few weeks ago and Holly heard her. She gave her a good reprimand and told her, “Don’t be asking people to buy you things.” Chloe sat quietly for a minute or two and then she tried to whisper to Lexi, “Hey Lexi, lets me and you go outside where my mama can’t hear me.”

Speaking of her mama: she called first thing this morning with her request. When I answer the phone, my first goal is to hang up. I hate phones [most of the time]. So, as soon as she gets her request in, I’m getting ready to hit the end button but Holly knows me and she said, “Wait Daddy, I have something else.” [this is request # 2] As soon as she was done with the second request, she got another quick “wait” in because she had a third request. As she is making the third request, she says, “Daddy, don’t hang up I’ve got one more.” I kid you not: she petitioned me for four things. She may not get them all but she will get her fair share.

George W. Truett said, “The law of prayer is to ask.” Holly and Chloe are bold, they are not afraid or ashamed to ask and they have great faith. They are also persistent. We must learn to ask God for the things we need. I don’t understand it, I simply know Jesus commanded us to do it and it works. Chloe is four years old and she knows, she understands that “asking” works, not every time but it does a lot of the time. We need the same faith and confidence in approaching our heavenly Father that Chloe has is approaching her grand father.


  • Praise God for the cooler weather. The high today is 84, more than 10 degrees lower than yesterday but still no rain in sight for us. Decatur, Hartselle and Flint got a little but we got nothing here or at 1120 Ironman.
  • Mandy and Jason had to have Winston put to sleep last night: thank God for a good and compassionate Veternarian in Dr. Michael Penney. We are blessed that Michael brought his skills back to Danville.
  • We are trying to get started on the DIGEST today but we have computer problems and interuptions, hopefully, we will get something done before the day is over.
  • I did not watch the debate last night: I watched the Cleveland Indians clinch the Central Division. June watches CBS in the mornings and I was not shocked to hear them say that “Hillary” was the winner. If Hillary was the winner, we are all the losers. Of course, it is not like I believe what CBS, NBC or ABC says, all three are propaganda machines for the left. They have less objectivity than I do and trust me, that isn’t much.
  • I have changed my habits and of late, I post the blog after my QT at the office which is usually mid-morning. If you are one of the first readers, feel free to call in mistakes but use my cell phone. I don’t have a land line in my office.
  • Kaley Greer
    Kaley Greer

    Emotionally charged Volley Ball match today at Ardmore where our great neice Kaley Greer played. Her first cousin Bailey {Elkmont} will be playing against Ardmore this evening. Elizabeth, Kaley’s mom, still keeps books for the Ardmore team. I’m thinking about driving up there myself. We all miss Kaley dearly. I see her beautiful face every morning because I have her picture on my computer. I would not be offended if you prayed for my brother John and his family; they are struggling with Kaley’s physical absence. She was a huge part of their life.


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