The Wages Of Sin


Suppose a person sacrifices one of his children to the god Molech. It does not matter whether that person is an Israelite or an outsider who lives in Israel. He must be put to death.

~Leviticus 20:2, NIrV


“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

It is amazing: I go all year without watching college basketball and then MARCH MADNESS happens and I suddenly take interest. You will be shocked to know that I have pulled for two Big Ten teams: Wisconsin and Michigan. Yesterday, June and I were rooting hard for Michigan and they did upset Louisville. I have nothing against the Cardinals per se but June and I cannot in good conscience pull for Rick Pitino who, as one time, was admired by both of us. What changed things? He got a young girl pregnant and then paid her to have the baby aborted, killed, terminated, executed. Yes, in these United States, it is legal for a man to commit such an atrocity and walk about freely as if he has done not wrong. Michael Vick killed a dog and did 18 moths in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Pitino paid the hit man or woman to take care of his little problem, a baby, a precious life that was embarrassing and inconvenient to him and his iconic career. Have you noticed, no one brings up the subject but everyone seems to understand, Pitino made a huge mistake. No one will mention it due to the PC police but everyone seems to understand the gravity of his tragic choice His first mistake was being unfaithful to his wife, a forgivable offense but then he made bad matters worse by killing the innocent baby. I ran a pic so you could look at his eyes: what do you see.

Let me tell you what I see. First I see regret, deep, agonizing, haunting regret. Secondly, I see death. There is no life in his eyes, no twinkle. You can not do what he did and live. You can do what he did and exist but that is as far as you go. The wages of sin is death. Our mistake is that we assume the penalty is physical death. No, no my friend: physical death may be the least of our worries. Pitino is suffering a far worse death: when he had the baby executed, he murdered not only a baby, he murdered his own soul. Could he be forgiven? Could he be saved? Yes, but only by Jesus Christ. No one else can help Rick Pitino. How we miss the vibrant and passionate basketball coach who lead Providence to the final four in 1987. What happened to this man so full of life and enthusiasm? He’s gone. Unless he bends a knee at Calvary, you will never see him again. There are no good pictures of Pitino at Providence but I did find one that will do. Look at the eyes! Tell me you don’t see the difference between the eyes below and the eyes above.

I filled out a bracket but it looks like a war zone after the first four days of the tournament. Miraculously, I got the SOUTH Region right. It was almost perfect. I missed one game but got all four of the Sweet Sixteen right. I missed two in the WEST and picked three out of four who made it to the Sweet Sixteen: Gonzaga, Xavier, and Arizona. The MIDWEST came in third, I got only one out of four. I picked Michigan. I failed completely in the EAST. I picked Villanova, UNC, SMU, and Duke. Villanova was a 1 and Duke a 2 so you would have thought I would have gotten at least one but I missed them all. I am thrilled with the bracket which has Wisconsin and two SEC schools. I have six teams of interest: the three SEC schools, Wisconsin, Arizona and UCLA. I give Gonzaga and Michigan an honorable mention but if it comes down to Baylor and Oregon, I’m not watching.

Great day for me yesterday. Lexi and I had a successful day in the 3 year old nursery and I got to preach last night. I am looking forward to the trip this Sunday to the TOP OF THE RIVER. I am really looking forward to SPRING which begins today.

For the record: I don’t hate Rick Pitino, I don’t hate anyone. I do believe his story illustrates a truth that is not being discussed in the market place. ABORTION kills more than the baby and that is the TRUTH.

One other thing regarding the NCAA tournament. It is driven by money and they do not pick the best 64 teams. They pick 56 good teams and 8 patsies or cream puffs. The teams they pick to play the 1’s and 2’s are pitiful. South Dakota State had a record of 18-16. What’s that all about! A sixteen has never beat a one and there is a reason for this: the one’s never face competition. It is what it is!

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