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They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do. But not the wicked! They are like worthless chaff, scattered by the wind.
~Psalms 1:3-4, NLT


When the roots run deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

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A Jack 4Psalm one is a contrast between the godly and the ungodly, the believer and the unbeliever, the Christian and the unchristian. If you are a child of God, you should love His word. It should bring you delight to study and meditate on the holy scriptures. We should also hate sin and the destruction it causes. The believer in Jesus Christ will be like a tree: planted, deeply rooted and fruit bearing but the unbeliever is like chaff, which is the thin husk that comes off of the wheat. Chaff has no weight or substance to hold it in place, it is subject to any wind, even a gentle breeze. Chaff gets blown around from place to place. It goes wherever the wind blows.

I learned something the other day. Deer love acorns and we have a yard filled with acorns. I’ve never seen so many acorns as we have this year. My neighbor and friend Ronnie Shipley grinds the acorns and makes meal. The deer love acorn mill. David said in Psalm 147…

Sing out your thanks to the LORD ; sing praises to our God with a harp. He covers the heavens with clouds, provides rain for the earth, and makes the grass grow in mountain pastures. He gives food to the wild animals and feeds the young ravens when they cry.
I did not realize that oak trees bear fruit that feeds the deer. You and I are trees, fruit bearing trees. God uses the fruit we produce to help sustain others. We may be aware of this fruit or we may not but if we are planted in Christ and our roots run deep into His word, there is going to be fruit. Not only will there be fruit, we will have stability when the winds of adversity blew. The wind may bend us, but it will not uproot us.


  • Bill Harrison came home yesterday. They will not get the results of the latest PET scan until Monday or Tuesday.
  • Today is the annual Christmas Flea market in Nashville. Before the day is over, I will be alone. June and the girls are in Nashville and Joe David and Lori are going to the game in T-Town. I’ll be home alone! This means I can do what I please!
    • Deacon’s meeting @ 8:15
    • Breakfast @ 8:45
    • Celebrate JESUS @ 10:15
    • AWANA @ 5:30
    • Visitation @ 5:30
    • Worship @ 6:15
  • The Holiday Season will kick off next Sunday, October 30…
    • TRUNK-A-TREAT… October 30
    • REVIVAL…November 6-9
    • Retirement Roast…November 13
    • LUKE 14 Banquet…November 20
    • SENIOR ADULT CHRISTMAS @ Cracker Barrel…December 3
    • Children’s CHRISTMAS PLAY…December 11
    • CHRISTMAS EVE COMMUNION…December 24 @ 6:00
    • CHRISTMAS DAY PRAISE & WORSHIP… December 25 @ 10:15
  • Don’t forget, we host the Morgan Baptist Annual Meeting this Monday. Everyone is invited. The service Monday night is a worship service. I will be preaching Hailey singing: it will be the HAILEY-BAILEY show. Just kidding! You are welcome to come. It is a new sermon but I will tell an old story. [Lord willing]
  • CONFESSION: I did something stupid yesterday {imagine that}. I was mulching leaves and I took off my $300 eye glasses and put on a pair of safety glasses and I put my regular glasses in my shirt pocket. Long story short, I mulched my glasses. It turned out to be a $500 mistake. My new ones have a progressive lens and it will take a while to adjust. 
  • Don’t forget our CHURCH REVIVAL with Wade Morris…November 6-9
Wade Morris: Evangelist, Preacher, Teacher and Conference Speaker
Wade Morris: Evangelist, Preacher, Teacher and Conference Speaker
Where T-Rex Hunts
Where T-Rex Hunts


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