Hope Lost



There are more troubles all around me than I can count. My sins have caught up with me, and I can’t see any longer. My sins are more than the hairs of my head. I have lost all hope.

~Psalms 40:12, NIrV


Begin every day with a new hope and forget what lies behind. What lies before is much greater than what you have left behind.

~Image Quotes


I was reading Psalm 40 yesterday and verse 11 caught my attention. I can relate to this verse, “troubles all around me.” It is hard for me to get my mind off of problems and to me, cancer is a problem. Bill Harrison and the little girl in Hartselle have been on my mind and heart. I also struggle with guilt so I can identify with David’s statement, “My sins are more than the hairs of my head.” But it was the last five words that grabbed me, I have lost all hope.”

bro. jack marc crowLosing hope is not always a bad thing. Abraham lost hope. He lost hope in the flesh. He saw it fail to the point, he stop putting any confidence in it. He did not lose hope in God but he gave up on fulfilling God’s promise by the works of the flesh. We need to give up on the flesh, it cannot please God. We should stop depending on this world and it’s system of doing things. I don’t have any confidence in any politician. They have lied so much and so long that I don’t trust them and that goes for Republicans as well as Demon-crats. The Republicans represent the lesser of two evils. They are bad but the democrats are¬†atrocious; they are worse than horrible. No, I do not trust the world and I do not trust the flesh, my flesh. I am putting all my eggs in one basket–Jesus.

My uncle in Athens sent me a very interesting video that I want you to watch. We need to get this to as many as possible before the election. If you have friends in other parts of the country, send them the link. This expresses what I feel as much as anything I have seen.

Lou Dobbs on the Media, Washington and Trump


  • Praise God for the rain. It came three small showers at church but nothing substantial. I left there at 4:00 and headed home, hoping that we had gotten enough that I could mulch leaves. I was shocked: we have mud. We got almost an inch. I tried to mulch leaves but it was too wet plus it began to drizzle. Chloe and I got soaking wet, PTL. Now, thanks to the rain, I have a dozen things I can do, hallelujah that I couldn’t do before.
  • Bill Harrison had the scope yesterday and I am waiting to see if he comes home. If he does not, I am going up in the morning. Keep praying for Bill and the little girl in Hartselle. I think her name may be Katlyn.
  • Pray for our church REVIVAL November 6-9 which will be here soon.¬†
  • Happy Birthday Lara and Lexi: they are 19 today.


We have a few more days of October, Lets enjoy them…


I think this one is a painting but its beautiful
This one is real, look at those colors

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